Canac hardware stores have put their confidence in Agendrix to help them manage 3500 employees across 27 branches in Quebec.

3500+ employees
27 locations
4.5x faster
Retail industry
Client since 2017

I have to say that when I was initially shown Agendrix, I was feeling pretty good about my little working Excel sheet. But when I actually got to try Agendrix for the first time, I figured everything out really quickly, and the Excel sheet went the way of the dodo because of how easy Agendrix is to use.

About Canac

Canac is a Quebec region hardware store chain owned by the Laberge family since 1985. Following the acquisition of the Canac-Marquis Grenier company, the Laberge family ensured their company’s growth throughout the years by making new acquisitions and opening some twenty new locations, thus bringing the number of Canac superstores to twenty-five in 2017.

Located mainly in the Quebec region, Canac expanded towards the western part of the province in 2016 and now employs over 3500 people across the province. Open day and night, seven days a week, Canac stores employ full- and part-time personnel of all ages to meet its clientele’s needs.

Finding the right solution

Why did you choose Agendrix?

“Initially, we had planned to develop our own software, but after looking into it, I came across Agendrix, which proposed an affordable and user-friendly platform that already fulfilled all of our needs.

It was important for us to find a software that would be accessible online and across all platforms (Web, Apple, and Android) since many of our directors telecommute. Furthermore, we wanted to sync our workforce hours budgets and employee profiles from our head office’s software and our future scheduling software.

Three choices were then available to us: Agendrix and two of its competitors. Agendrix stood out through its sheer ease of use and the beauty of its interface, but also through the outstanding quality of its customer service. I quickly felt like we’d make a great fit. They even offered to run a pilot test in one of our locations to evaluate the project’s viability. When I saw how simple the pilot test was to set up and how little training our managers would need, I realized just how quickly this new system would be integrated to our twenty-seven locations. Agendrix’s implementation in the Canac network was incredible; it took less than a month, and their customer service was always topnotch.”


What do you like most about Agendrix?

“Information centralization. Agendrix allowed us to bring our different locations’ schedules and communications together in one convenient location and uniformized format.”

How did Agendrix improve your day-to-day operations?

“Significant time-saving benefits and improved access to personnel information. Agendrix brought with it a great deal of versatility on top of improving employee accountability with regards to their schedule (shift swaps, timely leave requests, availability changes, etc.). It completely changed how our team communicated; everything is much more interactive than it used to. All in all, we’re probably four times as efficient as we were!”

How was Agendrix received by your employees?

“Most of our employees were rather hesitant at first, but changed their minds quickly after a single try; comments have been very positive so far. They were impressed by the interface’s simplicity and the quality of the available communication tools.”

User benefits

  • More time to work on other projects
  • Elimination of schedule-related errors
  • Less scheduling-related stress
  • Greater employee schedule satisfaction

Before / After (weekly)

For the Rock-Forest location only

Tasks Old ways With Agendrix
Scheduling 6 h 30 (using Excel) 1 h 30
Schedule modifications 2 hours (using Excel) 30 minutes
Schedule sharing 30 minutes Instantaneous
TOTAL 9 hours (minimum) 2 hours

Old ways

With Agendrix


“Each location’s manager was responsible for generating their department’s schedule using Excel. On average, I had to spend over a day per week managing my 150-employee location’s schedules.


Now, I spend less than 2 hours per week managing my location’s schedules. That’s way more efficient than before.”

Schedule sharing

Once the schedule was complete, we had to put the Excel file in a file which was then shared to all employees. This allowed employees to access the most recent version of the schedule online, at their convenience.”

Schedule sharing

Employees can still access their schedule online, though more easily and error-free. Most of them now use Agendrix’s mobile applications to access their schedule. The main advantage, however, is that employees are now notified instantly when changes to their schedule are made.”

Schedule changes

“Whenever scheduling changes had to be made, a new version of the schedule had to be shared in an online file. We would then receive several calls and text messages from employees who were uncertain of which schedule to use. It was really messy since we had no way of communicating effectively with our personnel.

Last-minute changes were sometimes not even shown on the Excel schedules as the process was too long and complex. This made comparing planned hours and worked hours impossible for the payroll department.”

Schedule changes

“Now that we’re better geared to communicate effectively and that there are no longer multiple versions of our schedules floating around, employees are no longer confused and managers are no longer bombarded by unnecessary calls and text messages.

Last-minute changes are also made with tools that help us make better decisions. This allows us to know the impact of our decisions on each of our employees in advance while ensuring that we’re respecting their time constraints. With one and only one version of the schedule made available, the work of payroll management is made that much easier.”


“Before, the locations communicated with their employees through printed messages pinned to a bulletin board in the employee lounge. We relied on the employees’ good faith to keep up with these messages, but, not unexpectedly, many didn’t bother reading them.


“Both the location managers and our head office use Agendrix to communicate with employees. The main advantage here is that we’re now able to see who has yet to read or read-confirm their messages, allowing us to follow up as necessary.