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Field Service Scheduling Software

Service Scheduling Software for Mobile Employees

Agendrix tells your employees which job site to go to, how to get there, and at what time. When they clock in or out, the app shows you whether they’re actually present.

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Easily create your mobile employees’ schedules and assign job sites to them. Add the addresses and all relevant customer information to each work shift. Get your employees to clock in and out using your preferred method. The number of hours worked for each customer is sent to you automatically.

Work shift include the address of its associated customer or job site, GPS coordinates, and all necessary work information

Field Services Dispatching

More Than Just
a Schedule.

Every work shift also includes the address of its associated customer or job site, GPS coordinates, and all necessary work information. This lets your employees access whatever information they need at all times on their mobile phone or online.

Phone with Agendrix logo and client files centralization like Instructions. Schedules. Coordinates. Timetables. Plans and notes

Client Files Centralization

Build Centralized Client Files.

Instructions. Schedules. Coordinates. Timetables. Plans. Notes. Make the app your main information management tool. Sharing online documents with employees and managers is easy and convenient.

Cellphone with Time Clock to Manage Mobile Workforce

Time Clock to Manage Mobile Workforce

Push the Limits of Time Clocking.

Automatically record every hour worked by your employees with precision, no matter where. From mobile GPS time clocking to no Internet phone clocking, you’ll never have to go after the numbers.

App interface for Mobile Workforce Timesheet Information

Mobile Workforce Timesheet Information

Accountability You Can Count On.

Automatic clock-in clock-out time tracking helps you make sure your employees are in the right place at the right time. Produce useful reports that break down hours worked per customer. On top of facilitating invoicing, this protects both your employees and clients.

Agendrix revolutionized how we do things. Each work shift created in the online schedule now lists the client’s address and GPS coordinates. There's just no way for employees to get lost, or worse, show up at the wrong place.

Chantal Lambert
Owner, L’étoile à domicile

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