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Use our add-on Resources module to easily manage employees working at multiple job sites. Resources can be job sites, customers, vehicles, and more.

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Notification on Assignation

Notify Employees Instantly When a Resource Is Assigned to Them

You can quickly assign a resource to a shift to instantly notify employees of where they have to go, what to bring with them, what vehicle to use, and so on. Employees will be able to see their full schedule from their mobile phone and all resources that have been assigned to them.

Service scheduling software and notifications

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Full History

Complete History of Each Resource

You have access to a complete history that will show you when a resource has been assigned, and to whom it was assigned.

Usage Report

Useful Report on the Time Period During Which Each Resource Was Assigned

You can generate a report that will show you the total number of hours that were dedicated to each of your resources.

Job scheduling software reports

Exclusive resource scheduling

Exclusive Resource

Set Exclusive Resources

Prevent the overbooking of a specific resource and spare yourself management headaches. Exclusive resources can’t be assigned to more than one employee during a given time period.

Instructions and Information

Important Information at Your Fingertips

Descriptions allows you to centralize instructions, client or equipment information, do’s and don’ts, project scopes, and much more.

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