Time Banks

Create overtime time banks to round out timesheets or give time off.

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Overtime Banks

Quash Oversights.

Easily keep track of each employee’s weekly overtime. See who has the most accumulated hours and who has none in a blink.

Time banks to keep track of employee overtime.

Total hours banked appear in timesheets to facilitate decision making.

Timesheet Integrations

Centralize Data. Manage Better.

Timebanking your employee’s cumulative hours right from their timesheets takes only seconds.

Automated Timesheets

Automate to Ameliorate.

A few clicks is all you need to round out timesheets using accumulated hours from time banks. Since automatic calculations are based on planned hours, there’s no risk of error.

Automatic timebanking and accumulated hours to round out timesheets.

Total hours worked tracking to facilitate employee time and attendance management.

Time and Attendance

Reclaim Your Time.

You pay close attention to your employee’s time, but what about your own? Reclaim your time now by automating time and attendance management.

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