Screen view of our Employee Recognition Software with high five, chat and employee recognition general features

Employee Recognition Software

Create a Space for Employee Recognition.

High fives are a fun, simple way for everyone in your organization to highlight each other’s everyday wins, both big and small, and make recognition part of your culture.

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Employee Recognition Software

Let Efforts and Successes Be Noticed

A little recognition goes a long way toward fostering a more engaging culture where everyone belongs—and loves their workplace.

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High Fives to make recognition easy

Leave no good deed or noteworthy event unnoticed with easy-to-create virtual recognition cards.

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Create occasions for celebration

Good job, thank you, congrats, happy birthday. Inspiring card ideas create many opportunities for everyone to get engaged, every day.

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Spread the word or keep it personal

Make your messages organization-wide shoutouts everyone can see or individual cards dedicated to that one deserving person.

One channel to keep it simple

High fives are entirely created, sent, received, and managed right in the Agendrix ecosystem.

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Peer-To-Peer Recognition

Make Recognition a Two-Way Highway

Your employees, too, can make someone’s day. By enabling your entire team with High Fives, you help foster an engaging work culture of mutual recognition.

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