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Online work schedules

Always up to Date, Always Accessible

One click is all you need to notify your employees that you’ve published the latest version of the schedule. They can access it instantly on their computer, tablet, or mobile. iOS and Android mobile employee apps are also available for free.

Availability, preferences, leaves, replacements

Centralize Everything

Your employees send you their availability, leave, and replacement requests. Upon approval, your employees are notified, and the information is transposed right in the schedule.

Employee constraints appear in the schedule

Plan Without Forgetting

Create your schedule with a clear overview of the constraints you need to take into account. If you generate a shift conflict by accident, Agendrix lets you know right away.

Employee request management

Lighten Your Management Burden

Your employees can organize work shift trade requests with one another, which you then review in seconds on the Web or on your mobile phone. Upon approval, the schedule reflects the requested shift changes automatically.

Conflict-free scheduling

Put an End to Scheduling Mistakes

Agendrix prevents you from mistakenly scheduling employees on leave or already scheduled to work.

Labor cost calculator

Keep a Close Eye on Your Budget

Your labor cost is updated in real time as you create your schedule to help you meet your budgetary targets. You can even export useful reports for the selected period.

Contingency management

Find Substitutes Easily

Create open shifts for which your employees can apply. You can then assign them to the candidates that best suit your needs.

Daily personnel needs tracker

Always the Right Number of Employees

Get an overview of how many employees are scheduled to work in what positions and at what time.

Employee Retention
Agendrix helps you create schedules that better respect your employee’s work-life balance. By providing them with flexible schedules, you make them happier at work and have an easier time retaining talent.
Get More Done 
in Less Time
Create schedules, communicate changes, and manage your employees’ requests faster. Eliminating waste of time lets you focus on what really matters.
Reduce Absenteeism
and Lateness
Thanks to the ever accessible online schedule and the attendance reminders you can set up, your employees know exactly when to show up to work. Agendrix can even help you find substitutes faster.

Work Schedule Planner

Make Scheduling
a Breeze.

Building your schedules has never been as quick as with Agendrix. Save time and keep things simple thanks to its intuitive interface and features.

Everything in One Place

Leaves, availability periods, breaks, scheduling conflicts, budgets, employee requests. Everything is displayed right in the schedule.

Don’t Schedule from Scratch

Save time by setting up shifts that automatically repeat weekly or by simply copying existing shifts.

Collaborate Simultaneously

All managers can access and contribute to the schedule at the same time, in real time, wherever they are.

Easy Changes

Make scheduling changes in seconds with drag-and-drop and a host of other convenient features.

Centralized Communications

Keep Everyone
in the Loop.

Send individual messages and broadcast business-wide updates. Automatically notify your employees the moment you publish a message or change that concerns them. 

On top of simplifying the whole process, our relationships with our employees are improved, as they feel we now better respect their personal lives; the work atmosphere is better.

Benoît Bilodeau Manager, Jean Coutu Anick Bertrand

Nowadays, we spend nearly 5 times less time as before, regardless of the banner. All of this time saved is used to better train and support our employees; this lets us provide a better service and, ultimately, do better.

Patrick Gingras Franchisee, Vidéotron, Chocolats Favoris, and Thaï Zone

Now, schedule changes only take a few minutes, and employees are alerted instantly on their phone the moment their schedule is updated.

Line Breton Administrative assistant, Riopel Hardware

Everything is so simple now. We just log on Agendrix for a few minutes every morning to see if there are requests, then we approve or decline them, and that’s it. Everything is centralized.

Louiselle Cloutier HR coordinator, RONA


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