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Employee Schedule Management

Reach your employees instantly

Only one action is required to send a new or modified schedule to your employees. They’ll be notified instantly to their preferred channel of communication. (Mobile, Email and Facebook)

At any time, your employees can access the latest version of their schedule with their mobile phone, tablet or computer. On top of that, Agendrix will indicate when an employee has seen their shifts.

Mobile schedule

Cloud Access

Manage your schedules from anywhere, at any time

Pick up where you left off, even on the go. Our web application is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. On top of that, the Agendrix team is constantly evolving the application without any update or maintenance costs to you.

Availability and Leave Requests

Centralize the availability and leave requests of your employees

Be done with the availability and leave requests puzzle. Your employees can send them directly within Agendrix. As soon as a schedule manager approves a request, the employee will be notified and the changes will be automatically reflected in the schedule.

Leave and availability management for schedule managers

Repeating Shifts

Repeating Shifts

Have your shifts repeated effortlessly

Add a recurrence to your shifts so that they repeat at every x days, weeks or months. Set when you want the frequency to end.

Shift Reminder

Reduce absenteeism and lateness

Your employees receive an alert before their shift. You can additionally set Agendrix up to automatically alert employees when they are late and haven’t clocked in yet.

Shift reminders for employees

Drop or Swap Shifts

Swap or Drop Shifts

Simplified replacement requests

You can allow your employees to drop or trade shifts between them. Choose from the employees suggested the one that suits the best.

Open Shifts

Fill shifts quicker than ever

Submit open shifts for your available employees to apply on. They’ll be immediately notified that they can apply to work for those shifts. Once they apply, choose which employee you want to assign for that open shift. Save even more time by using the “first come first serve” option which automatically assigns the open shift to the first employee who applies for it.

Filling work schedules with shift requests

Agendrix Messenger

Connect with your team

Create conversations with the people of your choosing. Receive notifications when a conversation requires your attention. As needed, add pictures or documents to your conversations.

Labor Cost Management

Optimize labor cost

Get calculations related to your labor cost right from the schedule planner. Set a weekly objective, enter estimated revenues for each day and let the system calculates labor cost for you. While you create the schedule, you are able to use this information to make better business decisions, allowing you to schedule the proper amount of employees based on projected costs and revenues.

Employee scheduling labor cost calculator

Shift confirmation in the schedule maker

Scheduling Confirmation

Read and presence confirmation

See when your employees have checked their most recent schedule update. As needed, you can even enable a presence confirmation option so that your employees have to confirm that they will be present.


Drastically reduce the time you spend allocating resources

Facilitate coordination of your employees to multiple locations (clients, patients, facilities, construction sites, etc.). Use exclusive resources to manage the availability of your equipment or vehicles and assign them to employees. A complete history and insightful reports on the number of hours worked on/with each resources will then be available.

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Scheduling Constraints

Make better decisions

Agendrix helps you make the best decision when it comes to assigning shifts to employees according to seniority, availabilities, and other requirements you must observe.

Bulletin Board

Interacting with your employees is easier than ever

Use our Bulletin board and stop repeating messages over and over again. Post messages across your entire organization in a snap or cherry pick which positions you want to send the messages to. Add attachements/files to your messages, and much more.

Communication bulletin board

Key reports for better employee scheduling insights


Valuable key metrics

Create reports to estimate your planned labor cost for the last year or month. View the different types of leave allotted to your employees throughout the year. Export all shifts and leaves to do your own analysis.

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