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Your Healthcare Staff Scheduling Process Made Easy.

Create, edit, and share your employee schedules easily. Employees send their availability and time-off request, you approve, and everyone is updated instantly. Timesheets even fill themselves out.


Build schedules from centralized availability and constraints.

Time Clock

Choose how your employees clock using existing systems.


Approve timesheets that automatically record clocked hours.


Keep everyone in the loop with notifications and direct messages.


Healthcare Facilities

Schedule Efficiently

Thanks to having staff availability in one centralized location and the weekly recurrences feature, employee scheduling is more efficient than ever.



Automate Timesheets

Precisely capture clocked hours with a punch clock. Approve timesheets with highlighted discrepancies. Export timesheets to your favorite payroll provider quickly. Tracking time is now easy.

Improve Communication

Deal with last-minute scheduling problems in less time and update your team instantly with direct messages and instant notifications.

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Since I didn’t have some four odd hours to master a new software, I ended up going with Agendrix for my business. It allowed us to save at least three hours a week; it’s really worth it. I like how you can copy and paste schedules.

Marie-Hélène Boisvert Optometrist owner, Optoplus


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Healthcare scheduling software

Soothe Scheduling Pains. Smooth Management Gains.

Scheduling employees such as nurses and other healthcare professionals shouldn’t take hours to manage. And with the right medical staff scheduling software, you can do in minutes what once took hours.

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Spend more time with patients and employees. Save time on scheduling and time tracking.


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Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are some answers to your management woes.

What is healthcare scheduling software?

Healthcare scheduling software is a cloud-based or local computer program or application that automates certain employee scheduling processes in pharmacies and related industries, such as retirement homes. Common features include work schedule management, employee communication, time tracking, reporting capabilities, and notifications via mobile device.

Healthcare staffing scheduling software typically allow employees to access their schedules in real time with their cellphone or a computer. The same can be said of home healthcare scheduling software, which are specifically dedicated to healthcare professionals who travel to meet clients.

Which software is best for scheduling?

The best staff scheduling software for healthcare professionals is Agendrix. Agendrix helps managers with all of their scheduling needs such as keeping track of employee availability, monitoring overtime, managing time-off requests, and making sure there are no overlapping shifts.

Healthcare scheduling software also allow managers to better control costs and focus on other important tasks such as taking care of customers and employee training.

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Is there an app for employee scheduling?

Several employee scheduling software offer features made specifically for the healthcare industry. Medical staff scheduling software help streamline scheduling processes such as managing employee availability, keeping track of labor costs, and exporting automated timesheets to a payroll system.

Staff scheduling software also allow managers to communicate easily with their employees and get in touch with available staff quickly to cover last-minute shifts.

What are the benefits of online scheduling software?

The benefits of using an online employee scheduling software for healthcare include:

  • Saving time;
  • Allowing employees to change their availability and request time-off online;
  • Reducing costs;
  • Managing multiple schedules in one location;
  • Tracking work hours more efficiently with an online punch clock;
  • Creating schedules in a few clicks.
Availability management
Open and trade shifts
Rotating shift schedules
Time clock
Automated timesheets
Payroll export
Mobile apps (iOS / Android)
Email alerts
Professional communication tool

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