Computer screen with information about who punched using the Phone Time Tracking System

Phone time tracking system

Landline telephone time tracking: timesheets for employees.

Agendrix lets your employees clock in and out using your client’s landline phone or cell phone. The information is centralized automatically in the appropriate timesheets online.

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Our telephone time clock lets your employees clock in and out via any phone you choose.

Setting up traditional time clocks to record your employees’ hours worked is rarely practical, especially when many customers have to be serviced over many different locations. Agendrix solves this by creating a bridge between any phone line or mobile device and its software to seamlessly record work hours.

Your very own phone time clock.

Track time in three easy steps.

1. Setup

Use the Agendrix manager software to easily assign work shifts, work sites, and a toll free number to each of your employees. In a sense, this turns them into their own personal mobile time clock, no matter the job location.

2. Call to clock

Your employees call the system using the registered phone line of their assigned work site and simply follow the prompts. If they’re at the right place and time, the system lets them clock in/out normally. Late arrivals are notified to you.

3. Review timesheets

The clock in/out and break hours captured by the phone time clock system are automatically written in your timesheets. Being in the cloud, you can then access, review, and approve them anywhere before you run payroll.

Work shift include the address of its associated customer or job site, GPS coordinates, and all necessary work information

Remote phone clock in system for employees

Telephone time tracking, no matter where.

Setting up a telephone tracking system isn’t just about saving time. By tightening your tracking methods, you outplay buddy punching and time theft, on top of protecting both your clients and employees by always knowing exactly who was where and at what time.

We have you covered.

  • Mobile teams

  • Remote employees

  • Multiple job sites

  • Limited mobile network

  • Variable schedules

  • Mobile phone geolocation

Over 40 000 five-star reviews

Here’s why our users love it.

The best HR management solution.

It’s very simple and effective for building employee schedules. We’ve been using Agendrix for several years now, and it’s been nothing but positive! I don’t think there’s another solution that’s as easy to use as Agendrix.

Nicolas A.

I used to create my schedules by hand, which took a lot of time. Now, with Agendrix, it’s quick!

The product is easy to use, you can make perpetual schedules and modify them as needed. Easy to access for employees via their phone or tablet.


An HR gem!

I love Agendrix, no more Excel schedules to publish and print! It’s simple and effective for both myself and my team. Communication within the team has greatly improved!

Olivier O.

We’ve been using Agendrix in all of our branches for over two years. Agendrix makes scheduling a real pleasure! Integrating Agendrix with our online payroll software greatly simplified payroll processing. Not to mention the outstanding technical support! Thank you Agendrix

Résidence Humanis

I must say I’m very impressed with this application. It’s pretty intuitive and allows me to swap shifts with others on my team or choose or suggest shifts fairly easily.

Natalie Basaraba

Agendrix is the best choice to manage global employees.

Agendrix is the solution to manage shift employees across different time zones. The software has been reliable. We appreciate the fast and helpful tech support.


The employee scheduling and time tracking features allow me to better allocate my own time. I can also communicate easily with my team.

Previously, the company had no scheduling software at all. Everything is easier now that I know your product!


Simple, accessible, and effective.

The support service is excellent; every time we need help, we get a response almost immediately.

The messenger chat tool is also really great as it makes it easy to communicate with our team.

Sandra B.

We’ve been using Agendrix for years now. There’s a “before” and an “after” Agendrix for us. It has made payroll management much easier. Customer service is very responsive and attentive to our needs.


Works great! Every company should use it, it’s 100 times better than the classic schedules!


Nice management tool!

I love being able to conduct surveys and ask my employees for feedback within the app.

Everyone can keep up to date on everything with the publications in the news feed.

Valérie L.

When there are shifts to fill, we publish them, and our employees volunteer themselves for the ones they want. No need to ask everyone! It saves us an enormous amount of time.


WOW, a game changer!

Agendrix is really great for creating a schedule and collecting the availability of all employees. The amount of time I save per week is amazing!


It really made my life easier. No more problems with scheduling, it’s now simple!

It’s easy to use even for people who are not used to technology. Whenever we have issues, the support team is quick to respond. There’s always someone around to help.


You won’t be disappointed.

Most features within the platform are easy to use. Customizable access allows you to create and use only what you need from a business perspective. 99.99% uptime; never offline.


Greatly improved our efficiency in terms of employee management, schedules, timesheets, leaves, replacements, and vacations. It has also enabled us to better control the clock-in/clock-out of our employees.


A very good application that lets employees check their weekly schedule in real time and stay up-to-date. A highly effective and indispensable tech tool in terms of the time and money.

Abder Abdel

Very useful multifunction tool.

Easy to use, everything is on the same website. Easy to integrate into our workflow. Great tool with so many functions available, with many features to make scheduling easy and efficient. There’s also a record of any changes made on the platform.

Jocelyne M.

Farewell to Excel schedules!

Super user-friendly. I’m saving so much time not having to call or email every single employee.

The message center is also useful to communicate with each other but also with their supervisor.

Karine M.

I really recommend this application to all business managers. It’s very intuitive and easy to understand. Thanks to the creators, I hope they’ll keep up the regular updates.


Great application. Great customer service! Videos that explain how things work, quick chat responses, and more.

Léa Desrosiers

Wonderful software for managing complex schedules! We’ve gone from 25 hours a week of scheduling to less than 10. Thanks to Agendrix, we save time… and money. All our employees are thrilled to be using Agendrix and have nothing but good things to say about it!


Keep track of
work hours accurately.

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