Our Telephone Time Clock Lets Your Employees Clock In and Out
Via Any Phone You Choose

Setting up traditional time clocks to record your employees' hours worked is rarely practical, especially when many customers have to be serviced over many different locations. Agendrix solves this by creating a bridge between any phone line or mobile device and its software to seamlessly record work hours.

Agendrix phone time clock
1. Setup
Use the Agendrix manager software to easily assign work shifts, work sites, and a toll free number to each of your employees. In a sense, this turns them into their own personal mobile time clock, no matter the job location.
Agendrix phone time clocking
2. Call to Clock
Your employees call the system using the registered phone line of their assigned work site and simply follow the prompts. If they're at the right place and time, the system lets them clock in/out normally. Late arrivals are notified to you.
Agendrix timesheets
3. Review Timesheets
The clock in/out and break hours captured by the phone time clock system are automatically written in your timesheets. Being in the cloud, you can then access, review, and approve them anywhere before you run payroll.

Remote Phone Clock In System For Employees

Telephone Time Tracking, No Matter Where.

Setting up a telephone tracking system isn't just about saving time. By tightening your tracking methods, you outplay buddy punching and time theft, on top of protecting both your clients and employees by always knowing exactly who was where and at what time.

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