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Employee Survey Software

Collect and Measure Employee Feedback to Improve Your Workplace

Easily build custom surveys and share them with your team instantly, anywhere. Responses and feedback are then automatically collected and conveniently organized to let you take action quickly.

No credit card required. Up to 21 days of free trial. 7-day support.

Employee Survey Software

Create Great Surveys and Get Feedback in Minutes

Giving your employees a voice might just be the best way to get deeper insights about your organization’s day-to-day operations. Surveys are a convenient way to see what works well—or curb emerging issues before they can surface with optionally anonymous responses.

Quick Survey Templates

Create your own questions or simply publish one of the many survey templates crafted by our internal HR experts.

Gather Feedback and Responses Painlessly

Forget dealing with endless emails and attachments. Completed surveys are centralized right in Agendrix and organized by response for easy browsing.

Measure Your Impact Over Time

Key metrics give you an objective look at how things are going and assess how changes you make are received within your organization.

Keep It Real With Anonymity

Optionally anonymous responses let your employees share some of the most valuable feedback they might not normally do.

Survey templates

Inspiration for the Right Questions.

Draw from our library of survey templates, organized into themes.

Gather the honest opinion of your team on several subjects, including: workload, training satisfaction, stress at work, and manager relationship satisfaction.

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Employee Engagement Software

Your Framework for Employee Engagement

Employee engagement and retention go hand in hand. Making every member of your team feel like they’re part of your decision-making process goes a long way toward engaging them. On top of taking the guesswork out of what they actually need.

Schedules and Feedback
in Minutes.

Up to 21 of free trial. Easy setup. Cancel anytime.