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2 . 95 $
4 . 95 $
2 . 66 $
4 . 46 $
Per user per month.
  • Employee scheduling
  • Communication
  • Request management
  • Reporting

Time and Attendance

$2 per user / month

Let your employees clock in and out on the device of your choice. Easily approve timesheets and export them to your payroll system.

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4 . 45 $
6 . 45 $
4 . 01 $
5 . 81 $
Per user per month.
  • Everything from Essential
  • HR management
  • Surveys
  • Permission customization

Time and Attendance

$2 per user / month

Let your employees clock in and out on the device of your choice. Easily approve timesheets and export them to your payroll system.

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Adapts to your size.

Everything from the Essential and Plus plans, and better day-to-day support for companies with 250 or more employees.

Up to 21 days of free trial. No credit card required.
No commitment.

Time and attendance

Punch clock, employee attendance, timesheets.

Let your employees clock in and out from the device you want—tablet, personal smartphone, or computer. Their work hours are automatically recorded into their timesheets.

Easy reviewing and approval of timesheets
Any clock-in/out data is stored instantly in your organization’s online HQ in Agendrix, ready to be reviewed or edited by approved managers.
Overtime tracking and management
Time banks are a convenient way to give overtime back as time off or round off timesheets.
Automatically highlight errors and discrepancies
Any clock-in/out and break times are checked against the schedule for differences, which are then highlighted for you for easy review and approval.
Quickly export timesheets to payroll system
Make payroll management truly seamless with one of Agendrix’s many available payroll system integrations.
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Schedule management

Modern interface for editing and copying schedules

Drag-and-drop shifts, automatic shift length calculations, schedule read confirmation, display by position, employee, and more, copy from latest schedule, mass editing, and rotating shifts.

Shift and work week templates

Create schedule templates that can be reused in the future. Create reusable shift templates for more complex shifts.

Mobile app for managers and employees

Schedule access, request management, shift reminders, and mobile phone communication.

Paid and unpaid break management
Overtime tracker
Automatic scheduling conflict detection

Receive alerts when shifts are scheduled simultaneously for the same employee, when availability is not respected, and when approved leaves are forgotten.

Day, week, and month views
Multilocation management
Labor cost calculator

Calculate labor costs and scheduled hours automatically.

Automatic break management
Automatic work shift assignment

Automatically assign work shifts to employees while accounting for availability and leaves. Learn more

HR data-based filtering

Add HR information to employee files and filter schedules based on this information (e.g. certifications).

API access and developer support

Request management

Absence, vacation, and leave management (paid/unpaid)
Availability and preferred work hours
Replacements (shift transfers and swaps)
Open shifts

Create shifts for which the qualified employees are notified and can volunteer.

Self-serve shifts

Create shifts that employees can then claim on their own; employees build their own work schedule according to your needs.

Advanced open shift management
Icon of a smile inside a chat bubble in link with messenger feature for business

Communication tools

Professional instant messaging

Individual or group chat sessions.

Internal news feed

Publish internal messages and documents to which employees always have access.

Notifications and work shift reminders
Automated onboarding form

Automatically send questions to new hires to facilitate the collection of HR information.

HR management

Manager dashboard

Centralized view of actionable information in Agendrix for easy navigation.

Employee self-service access
Health and safety information

Add health and safety information to employee profiles (e.g. emergency contacts and allergies).

Anniversary notifications

Virtual wall for employees and managers to post private or public recognition messages.

Employee recognition messages (high fives)
Basic employee profiles

Add basic HR information to employee profiles (e.g. contact details, roles, skills, confidential notes).

Advanced employee profiles

Add customizable HR information to employee profiles and filter schedules based on this information.

HR document storage and sharing
Electronic document signature
Internal survey creation and management

Option for anonymous or non-anonymous responses, from pre-generated templates or customized questions. Browse responses in graph form.

Key HR date reminders

Personalized reminders for individual employees (e.g. end of probation period, recertification).


Planned and actual work time
Favorite reports
Automated email reports
HR reports

Generate advanced reports on turnover, seniority, hirings, departures, and more.


4 pre-established access levels
Record of changes

Unalterable activity log allowing administrators to track the actions carried out by each user within their organization.

ISO compliance
Data encryption
Limited data retention
Customizable management roles and permissions

Custom role creation for managers and supervisors with limited access to the features of your choosing.

Strengthened password rules

Unlimited customer support

Guided implementation and training
Help center and self-training video tutorials
Technical support via chat, telephone, and email
7-day support



Boost your operations and HR management with Agendrix Plus.

Centralize your HR documents and have them signed electronically. Get feedback through internal surveys. Easily update employee information.

Add-on modules.

Time and Attendance.

Keep track of employee work hours and manage timesheets.

+$2 per user per month
  • Clock in/clock out via computer, tablet with or without photo verification, mobile (GPS), RFID card, and barcode
  • Online timesheet management
  • Integrations for multiple payroll software
  • Automatic time entries rounding and approbation rules
  • Automatic timesheet discrepancy detection
  • Automatic overtime calculations
  • Automatic paid and unpaid break calculations
  • Management of paid and unpaid vacations
  • Accumulated work hour and leave banks
  • Upcoming shift alerts and reminders
  • Lateness and absence alerts
  • Real-time view of employees on the floor


Manage mobile employees across multiple locations.

+$59 per month
  • Create workplaces and projects
  • Add instructions, deadlines, plans, and notes to workplaces and projects
  • Add work locations to shifts
  • Geolocation-based mobile time tracking across various workplaces
  • Exclusive equipment assignment by shift


Manage premium attribution.

+$1 per user per month
  • Automatic premiums by period (evening, night, weekend)
  • Premiums by task type (position, training, distance, productivity)
  • Customization by branch, position, or employee
  • Ad hoc premiums
  • Whole shift or specific hours
  • Multiplier or fixed amount

Phone punch clock.

Keep track of your employees’ arrival and departure times, even without Internet access.

+$1 per user per month
  • Upon subscribing to the Phone punch clock module, your organization is given a dedicated attendance phone number
  • To clock in and out, your employees call this phone number from your client’s landline
  • After identification, the system records their arrival or departure time in your online timesheets

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Your questions answered.

How does the 21-day free trial work?

It’s easy; you sign up–no credit card required–and that’s it!

Click here to sign up. After creating your account, you’ll get to benefit from Agendrix’s entire suite of features for 7 days. You can earn up to 14 additional days for completing the discovery flow, for a grand total of 21 days.

At the end of the trial, you can decide whether or not you keep Agendrix.

Are training and tech support included?

Yes, and it’s both free and unlimited!

Whichever plan you choose, we can schedule one or more training sessions based on your needs. Plus, all Agendrix users–including managers and employees–get to benefit from chat, email, and phone support seven days a week.

Are there any contracts?


Agendrix is a pay-as-you-go service. If you cancel your subscription, you simply won’t be billed for the following months.

Is my Agendrix subscription automatically renewed every month?


On the first of each month, your Agendrix subscription is renewed automatically. To disable automatic renewal, simply cancel your subscription.

Can I pay for a full year in advance?


When you purchase a yearly subscription, you also get a 10% discount. For more information, get in touch with us.

Which payment options do you accept?

We accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

Pre-authorized debits are accepted for customers in Canada.

SEPA direct debits are accepted for customers in Europe.

Can I change plans at any time?


You can change your current plan and add or remove add-ons at any time in the app itself.

What are the steps to implement Agendrix?

You can get started by yourself or with our help.

To get started by yourself

  1. Sign up, then follow the configuration steps.
  2. Create and publish your first schedule using our Help Center, as needed.
  3. Invite your employees.

To get started with our help

  1. Book a demo with us by clicking here.
  2. We’ll send you a file to quickly import your employees’ information into Agendrix.
  3. Together, we’ll create your account.
  4. We’ll then show you Agendrix’s core features. We’ll be glad to schedule further training sessions for the rest of your management team.
  5. You’ll have everything you need to create and publish your first schedule and invite your employees.

Is my data secure?


Your data is stored securely, and your connection is encrypted by SSL (https). We rely on Amazon’s servers commonly used to host high-traffic websites located in highly secure areas. Moreover, your credit card data is processed through Stripe servers that meet the highest PCI standard certification level.

Do you have a special offer for large organizations or companies with specific needs?


If your organization has more than 500 employees or has specific needs, such as using our API, please visit our Enterprise page.

Are nonprofits eligible for a discount?


We offer a 25% discount to NPOs who add the Agendrix banner to their website. For more details, simply contact our support team.

Over 25 000 five-star reviews

Here’s why our users love it.

The best HR management solution.

It’s very simple and effective for building employee schedules. We’ve been using Agendrix for several years now, and it’s been nothing but positive! I don’t think there’s another solution that’s as easy to use as Agendrix.

Nicolas A.

I used to create my schedules by hand, which took a lot of time. Now, with Agendrix, it’s quick!

The product is easy to use, you can make perpetual schedules and modify them as needed. Easy to access for employees via their phone or tablet.


An HR gem!

I love Agendrix, no more Excel schedules to publish and print! It’s simple and effective for both myself and my team. Communication within the team has greatly improved!

Olivier O.

We’ve been using Agendrix in all of our branches for over two years. Agendrix makes scheduling a real pleasure! Integrating Agendrix with our online payroll software greatly simplified payroll processing. Not to mention the outstanding technical support! Thank you Agendrix

Résidence Humanis

I must say I’m very impressed with this application. It’s pretty intuitive and allows me to swap shifts with others on my team or choose or suggest shifts fairly easily.

Natalie Basaraba

Agendrix is the best choice to manage global employees.

Agendrix is the solution to manage shift employees across different time zones. The software has been reliable. We appreciate the fast and helpful tech support.


The employee scheduling and time tracking features allow me to better allocate my own time. I can also communicate easily with my team.

Previously, the company had no scheduling software at all. Everything is easier now that I know your product!


Simple, accessible, and effective.

The support service is excellent; every time we need help, we get a response almost immediately.

The messenger chat tool is also really great as it makes it easy to communicate with our team.

Sandra B.

We’ve been using Agendrix for years now. There’s a “before” and an “after” Agendrix for us. It has made payroll management much easier. Customer service is very responsive and attentive to our needs.


Works great! Every company should use it, it’s 100 times better than the classic schedules!


Nice management tool!

I love being able to conduct surveys and ask my employees for feedback within the app.

Everyone can keep up to date on everything with the publications in the news feed.

Valérie L.

When there are shifts to fill, we publish them, and our employees volunteer themselves for the ones they want. No need to ask everyone! It saves us an enormous amount of time.


WOW, a game changer!

Agendrix is really great for creating a schedule and collecting the availability of all employees. The amount of time I save per week is amazing!


It really made my life easier. No more problems with scheduling, it’s now simple!

It’s easy to use even for people who are not used to technology. Whenever we have issues, the support team is quick to respond. There’s always someone around to help.


You won’t be disappointed.

Most features within the platform are easy to use. Customizable access allows you to create and use only what you need from a business perspective. 99.99% uptime; never offline.


Greatly improved our efficiency in terms of employee management, schedules, timesheets, leaves, replacements, and vacations. It has also enabled us to better control the clock-in/clock-out of our employees.


A very good application that lets employees check their weekly schedule in real time and stay up-to-date. A highly effective and indispensable tech tool in terms of the time and money.

Abder Abdel

Very useful multifunction tool.

Easy to use, everything is on the same website. Easy to integrate into our workflow. Great tool with so many functions available, with many features to make scheduling easy and efficient. There’s also a record of any changes made on the platform.

Jocelyne M.

Farewell to Excel schedules!

Super user-friendly. I’m saving so much time not having to call or email every single employee.

The message center is also useful to communicate with each other but also with their supervisor.

Karine M.

I really recommend this application to all business managers. It’s very intuitive and easy to understand. Thanks to the creators, I hope they’ll keep up the regular updates.


Great application. Great customer service! Videos that explain how things work, quick chat responses, and more.

Léa Desrosiers

Wonderful software for managing complex schedules! We’ve gone from 25 hours a week of scheduling to less than 10. Thanks to Agendrix, we save time… and money. All our employees are thrilled to be using Agendrix and have nothing but good things to say about it!


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