Computer screen with information about who punched using the Phone Time Tracking System

Time Off Hours Banks

Online Time Off Hours Banks

Easily keep a record of the number of time off hours available to each employee, for each type of leave you wish to track.

No credit card required. Up to 21 days of free trial. 7-day support.

Keep Track of Time Off Hours.

Keep a clear record of every hour of time off for each employee, every week. You can then easily grant time off while respecting the limits.

Leave Banks

Integrate Scheduling, Leave Requests, and Time Banks

Time off banks let you quickly verify whether an employee has enough time off hours in bank to request days off. Upon approval of the leave request, the time is subtracted from the bank, and the leave is automatically added to the schedule.

Keep track of
work hours accurately.

Up to 21 days of free trial. Easy setup. Cancel anytime.