The #1 rated employee scheduling software in Canada.

Here you’ll discover why so many Canadian businesses use Agendrix to simplify their employee management routine.

Saving time, money, and energy

On average, managers cut in half the time they have to spend on management.

Over 12 000 companies use Agendrix to cut in half the time needed to manage their employees’ daily schedules and work hours. Read our full article on the subject.

faster to manage hours worked
saved yearly per schedule manager
less time required to manage schedules

Easy to adopt

Agendrix can be implemented
in less than 4 hours.

Forget complex software that takes weeks or months to set up. Agendrix is designed to be easy to launch, no matter how comfortable your team is with technology.

Easy to set up for anyone

Agendrix guides you every step of the way. We offer free training and respond promptly to any questions you may have.

Learning and help resources

Access over 300 help articles and 50 video tutorials to help you fully understand all Agendrix features.

Icon of a smiley in a discussion bubble refering to the messenger feature

Multichannel tech support

Support by email, telephone, or chat, in English or French, to answer questions from managers and employees alike.

No commitment

No upfront fees or contract; start with a free trial and unsubscribe at any time.

Benefits on many levels

800 managers share their experience.

In addition to saving time and money, Agendrix has positive repercussions on many aspects of your personnel management.

of managers report fewer late arrivals
and absences

Employees no longer have any excuses for being late, thanks to schedule reminders, schedule change alerts, and the Agendrix mobile application, which always provides access to an up-to-date version of the schedule.

of managers report having improved employee retention

Agendrix makes it easier to keep track of employees’ availabilities and avoid forgetting leave requests. Surveys also allow you to easily get feedback to create a better work experience.

of managers report improved workplace communications

Forget Facebook groups, text messages, and email chains. By using Agendrix as your one and only business communication space, you’ll make sure you never miss a thing. Everything is centralized.

of managers report improved employee autonomy

With Agendrix, there’s no need to come into work or call your manager just to get your schedule. You can also send requests (leave requests, shift swaps, work availability) and documents directly from the app.

Over 40 000 five-star reviews

See what our customers have to say.

We’ve changed the way hundreds of thousands of people think about communication.
But don’t just take our word for it; see what our users have to say.

The best HR management solution.

It’s very simple and effective for building employee schedules. We’ve been using Agendrix for several years now, and it’s been nothing but positive! I don’t think there’s another solution that’s as easy to use as Agendrix.

Nicolas A.

I used to create my schedules by hand, which took a lot of time. Now, with Agendrix, it’s quick!

The product is easy to use, you can make perpetual schedules and modify them as needed. Easy to access for employees via their phone or tablet.


An HR gem!

I love Agendrix, no more Excel schedules to publish and print! It’s simple and effective for both myself and my team. Communication within the team has greatly improved!

Olivier O.

We’ve been using Agendrix in all of our branches for over two years. Agendrix makes scheduling a real pleasure! Integrating Agendrix with our online payroll software greatly simplified payroll processing. Not to mention the outstanding technical support! Thank you Agendrix

Résidence Humanis

I must say I’m very impressed with this application. It’s pretty intuitive and allows me to swap shifts with others on my team or choose or suggest shifts fairly easily.

Natalie Basaraba

Agendrix is the best choice to manage global employees.

Agendrix is the solution to manage shift employees across different time zones. The software has been reliable. We appreciate the fast and helpful tech support.


The employee scheduling and time tracking features allow me to better allocate my own time. I can also communicate easily with my team.

Previously, the company had no scheduling software at all. Everything is easier now that I know your product!


Simple, accessible, and effective.

The support service is excellent; every time we need help, we get a response almost immediately.

The messenger chat tool is also really great as it makes it easy to communicate with our team.

Sandra B.

We’ve been using Agendrix for years now. There’s a “before” and an “after” Agendrix for us. It has made payroll management much easier. Customer service is very responsive and attentive to our needs.


Works great! Every company should use it, it’s 100 times better than the classic schedules!


Nice management tool!

I love being able to conduct surveys and ask my employees for feedback within the app.

Everyone can keep up to date on everything with the publications in the news feed.

Valérie L.

When there are shifts to fill, we publish them, and our employees volunteer themselves for the ones they want. No need to ask everyone! It saves us an enormous amount of time.


WOW, a game changer!

Agendrix is really great for creating a schedule and collecting the availability of all employees. The amount of time I save per week is amazing!


It really made my life easier. No more problems with scheduling, it’s now simple!

It’s easy to use even for people who are not used to technology. Whenever we have issues, the support team is quick to respond. There’s always someone around to help.


You won’t be disappointed.

Most features within the platform are easy to use. Customizable access allows you to create and use only what you need from a business perspective. 99.99% uptime; never offline.


Greatly improved our efficiency in terms of employee management, schedules, timesheets, leaves, replacements, and vacations. It has also enabled us to better control the clock-in/clock-out of our employees.


A very good application that lets employees check their weekly schedule in real time and stay up-to-date. A highly effective and indispensable tech tool in terms of the time and money.

Abder Abdel

Very useful multifunction tool.

Easy to use, everything is on the same website. Easy to integrate into our workflow. Great tool with so many functions available, with many features to make scheduling easy and efficient. There’s also a record of any changes made on the platform.

Jocelyne M.

Farewell to Excel schedules!

Super user-friendly. I’m saving so much time not having to call or email every single employee.

The message center is also useful to communicate with each other but also with their supervisor.

Karine M.

I really recommend this application to all business managers. It’s very intuitive and easy to understand. Thanks to the creators, I hope they’ll keep up the regular updates.


Great application. Great customer service! Videos that explain how things work, quick chat responses, and more.

Léa Desrosiers

Wonderful software for managing complex schedules! We’ve gone from 25 hours a week of scheduling to less than 10. Thanks to Agendrix, we save time… and money. All our employees are thrilled to be using Agendrix and have nothing but good things to say about it!


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