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Substantial Savings for Agendrix Customers

Sarah Busque
Last updated on 19 Dec. 2023
Published on 6 Dec. 2023
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In 2023 we surveyed 669 managers who use Agendrix. Our goal? To highlight the real savings they’ve enjoyed since they started using our app.

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After all, who better to talk about their daily gains since implementing Agendrix in their businesses? 🚀

Why survey our customers?

As you know, today’s inflation and tough economic climate are making it harder for front-line companies to stay in business. Whether you own a restaurant, manage a retail store or own a franchise, these are challenging times—and you probably want to make the most out of every dollar your organization invests.

Thanks to the feedback we’ve gathered from our customers over the years, we knew from the beginning that Agendrix would help them simplify their operations. But we didn’t have any tangible figures to cite when we were asked questions like:

  • How much time and money can a manager really save by using Agendrix?
  • Are there any other benefits to using the app?
  • How long does the software take to set up?

Our aim was to get an overview that would enable us to put a dollar value on the time savings. We also wanted to better understand the other benefits of scheduling and staff management software.

Plus, all of these insights would help us further improve our product! 💡

Survey and target audience

Customers had 2 weeks to complete the survey:

  • 669 Canadian managers answered the call and completed the survey
  • They were asked to answer 16 questions on:
    • Their business, including number of employees, branches and industry
    • Employee scheduling management
    • Attendance tracking
    • Employee well-being and HR practices
    • Software implementation process

Our results

To give a clearer idea of actual savings, the results below compare client organizations’ management method before and after adopting Agendrix software.

Note that some managers had no software in place.

Based on the answers, here are the average savings for managers who use Agendrix. We will present the results by category of use, comparing the time required for a task before and after using Agendrix.

Here are the categories covered:

  • Schedule management
  • Attendance tracking
  • Handling unforeseen circumstances and urgent needs
  • Improved employee well-being
  • Time required to set up Agendrix

When scheduling rhymes with savings

Considering the time needed to create schedules, share them with the team, and then coordinate various requests (shift swapping, leave requests, errors, and shifts to fill), here’s a snapshot of the savings:

  • 50% time savings on scheduling
  • $5,120 saved per year* — considering only the salary of the manager responsible for this task

Faster attendance tracking

When considering attendance tracking, timesheet approvals, management of time-banks, vacations and bonuses, as well as transfers to the payroll system:

  • Managers report saving an estimated 53% of the time required to manage and processe worked hours
  • Organizations save the equivalent of $3,892 per year*, factoring in only the time spent by the manager performing this task

*According to customer answers, the average hourly rate for managers is $28.32.

Solutions for urgent and unforeseen needs

In business as in life, unforeseen circumstances are inevitable. Employees can be late or leave at the drop of a hat—and solutions have to be found. Since they started using Agendrix:

6 managers out of 10 find it easier to fill shifts

  • 6 out of 10 managers report having an easier time finding replacements for shifts that need filling

Improved employee well-being

If you’ve been following us for any length of time, you know that our mission is to promote a humane workplace management philosophy that makes life easier for front-line employees. Employee well-being is therefore a key metric that is tracked alongside staff retention, absenteeism rates, levels of autonomy, and clarity of internal communications.

Since they started using Agendrix:

  • 40% of managers observe a drop in absenteeism and lateness at their organization
  • 33% notice an improvement in their organization’s retention rate
  • 75% see a greater level of autonomy in their teams
  • 80% benefit from improved communications*

*50% of the managers even noted a marked improvement in internal communications.

Fast implementation of Agendrix within organizations

Finally, given that our software adjusts to customer needs and requires some adaptation (for example, when switching from a paper schedule to the Agendrix schedule), it was crucial to determine how much time was required for Agendrix to be fully adopted by managers and ready to use. On average:

4 hours are necessary for a management team to implement Agendrix

  • It takes a management team 4 hours to implement Agendrix in a branch

A tool that truly makes a difference in our customers’ lives

When we shared the above data with our employees, everyone felt a swell of pride. 🥹

Our team works tirelessly to listen to customer needs, innovate, and push ourselves to develop features that will have a genuine, positive impact in workplaces beyond our own.

In case you missed the announcements, here are some of the features we’ve launched in recent months:

But there’s still more work ahead for us! With 2024 just around the corner, we’re as motivated as ever to continue evolving Agendrix and simplifying the lives of our customers, who in turn will be able to improve their employees’ quality of life. ✨

We’re giving you 21 days of Agendrix.

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What Is Agendrix Software?

Agendrix employee management software simplifies scheduling, time tracking, communication, onboarding, and employee record management. The tool is available via a web and mobile app, both of which are continually updated with new features and capabilities.

The modules include:

  • Employee scheduling so you can create and share work schedules online.
  • Time and attendance tracking that lets employees punch in and out and then automatically fills in timesheets. Integrations with payroll software allows you to automatically export timesheets to payroll.
  • A communication tool that offers professional instant messaging for private and non-private messages or messages.
  • HR documents to collect personal information and documentation in each employee’s record.
  • Onboarding to manage the arrival of new hires.
  • High fives to make it easy to send recognition messages to colleagues.
  • Surveys to collect feedback (anonymous or not) from employees on a variety of topics related to job satisfaction or anything else.

How Much Can You Save with Agendrix?

Companies that use Agendrix can save time and money on everything from scheduling and time and attendance tracking to communications and HR management.

A survey of 669 users found that, on average, managers:

  • Were able to cut down on scheduling time by 50%, for savings of $5,120 per year just on the salary of the manager responsible for this task.
  • Spent 53% less time managing and processing attendance tracking, which works out to savings of $3,892 per year, considering only the time spent by the manager performing this task.
  • Reported having an easier time finding replacements for shifts that need to be filled (6 out of 10 respondents).
  • Saw a drop in absenteeism and lateness at their company (40% of respondents).
  • Noticed an improvement in their organization’s retention rate (33% of respondents).
  • Reported a greater degree of autonomy in their teams (75% of respondents).
  • Benefitted from better communications in 80% of cases, with 50% of managers citing a significant improvement in their communications.

Which Industries Use Agendrix?

Agendrix scheduling and employee management software is used by many industries, including:

  • Retail
  • Pharmacies
  • Seniors’ residences
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Events
  • Supermarkets
  • Tourism
  • Catering services
  • Cities and municipalities
  • Health care
  • Housekeeping
  • Security services
  • Offices and call centres
  • Construction
  • Home care

How Long Does it Take to Set Up Agendrix?

The time required to implement Agendrix software varies according to the size of the company, the number of employees and the number of branches, if the organization has more than one. On average, Agendrix customers report that implementation takes about 4 hours for their management team.

Employees need only minutes to download the mobile app and log in to their employer’s account.

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