Online Timesheets

Do Timesheets
in No Time.

When your employees clock in and out, the time is logged automatically and precisely, down to the second. The registry keeps track of all time entries and changes accurately.

Automated approbation rules

Waste Time Double Checking No More

Approbation rules let you automatically approve time entries that meet the criteria you set.

Automated rounding

Forget Rounding Time Entries Manually

As needed, automatically round up or down time entries based on the rounding rules you specify.

Smart breaks

Keep an Eye on Breaks

Determine break length and permitted time frame, and keep track of when breaks are taken. Automate how you manage breaks that are either too long or too short. 

Manage clocked time discrepancies

Spot Missing Time Entries Right Away

Your employees forgot to clock their start, end, or break time? An employee claims the time clock didn’t work? Agendrix highlights these issues for you. Then, using the registry, you can verify whether the employee really did try to clock in, and how they did.

Highlight major discrepancies

Waste No Time Looking for Errors

Notably late and early time entries are automatically compared to the scheduled work time and highlighted to guide your decision making.

Online Timesheet Exportation

Make Payroll Smooth.

Once you’ve gone over your timesheets, one click, and you’ve exported them to your preferred payroll system. This way, your data stays accurate, as does your payroll.

Overtime Tracker Software

Time Banks.

Create overtime banks easily. A few clicks is all you need to fill out timesheets with missing time entries using the employee’s banked work hours.

PTO Tracking Software

Paid Time Off.

Keep accurate track of each employee’s accumulated work hours to later grant them fair paid time off. An exportable report lets you see the number of paid hours accumulated for each leave type you’ve created.

I once had to spend about an hour every other week to send this information to the accountant for payroll. Nowadays, it takes me about twenty minutes every two weeks to manage all time sheets.

Alex Caron Owner-pharmacist, Accès Pharma

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