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Online employee scheduling software

The faster, smarter way to do staff scheduling.

Scheduler Interface for business online employee scheduling

Build great work
schedules in minutes.

Quickly and easily build employee work schedules and share them with your team instantly, anywhere. Manage time off and other requests in one convenient place. Fill empty shifts faster.

Share schedules and updates instantly.

Push notifications remind your employees of upcoming shifts and scheduling changes. Shift seen confirmations let you know that they’re aware of any update.

Centralize needs
and availability.

See all the latest info you need to build a schedule, from employees and positions to availability and days off, in one convenient place.

Agendrix at a glance.

2 arrows in circle icon to represent how your schedule is always accessible to your employees via any web browser or the Agendrix mobile app
Your schedules
are always synced
Quickly copy the week schedule for smb icon
Quickly copy the
week schedule
Easily create open shifts for your business icon
Easily create
open shifts
New shift seen confirmation for smart management icon
New shift seen
Icon for Swap shifts with colleagues easily
Swap shifts
with colleagues
Icon for Schedule change alerts and notifications
Schedule change
alerts and notifications
Manage schedules from anywhere business iconography
Manage schedules
from anywhere
Icon of a hand waving refering to the planning scheduler feature See employee availability while scheduling
See employee availability
while scheduling

Online time and attendance software

Time and attendance tracking, faster payroll.

Different ways to Punch clocks from your devices, represented with Ipad, tablet, computer, mobile phone

Punch clocks from your devices.

Turn an existing iPad, Android tablet, or computer into a clocking-in terminal. No costly equipment needed; just install the Agendrix app, assign PINs, and go.

Timesheet automation with representation of employees clock in and out interface

Ditch manual timesheet data entry.

Whenever your employees clock in and out from any approved device, their timesheets are filled out accurately for you in real time in Agendrix, where you can then review them.

Timesheet exportation of employees clock in and out and automaticly send to payroll system with integration

One-click export to payroll systems with integrations.

Make payroll management truly seamless with one of Agendrix’s many available payroll system integrations.

Software interface representing Time banks to track overtime, PTO, and leaves in a business

Time banks to track overtime, PTO, and leaves.

Use simple time banks to keep an eye on overtime, available time off, and absences for each individual employee.

Keep everyone
in the loop

Professional communication software

Communication for good collaboration.

Centralize work communications.

Meet your organization’s professional communication channel. Set up one-on-one or group chat rooms with your employees. Automatic notifications keep everyone in the loop and help cut down on avoidable chatter.

Mobile phone that emphasize on communication tools and how to publish messages, policies, and documents to organization

Everything they should know, in one convenient place.

Publish messages, policies, and documents to specific subgroups or to your entire organization. Enable employee comments for instant feedback. Wave goodbye to uncertainty with message-read confirmations.

Human resources management software

Your HR swiss knife.

Computer showcasing human resources management software

Create surveys, get great feedback

Create custom surveys you can then share with the members of your organization in a click. The software does the response collecting to let you focus on taking action.

Your space for employee recognition

High fives involves both employees and managers in the creation of fun recognition cards that help highlight the little everyday successes that too often go unnoticed.

Records to keep your HR organized

Easily build full employee records using one convenient software. Centralize work hours, personnel files, and professional communications to keep your HR tightly organized.

Smooth onboarding and integration

Structure the onboarding of new staff in your organization while seamlessly collecting the HR information you need for their personnel file.

Top employee scheduling software

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to love Agendrix.

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