Assisted living scheduling software for nurses & caregivers

Seniors’ Residence Scheduling Software.

Create and automate rotating work schedules while keeping an eye on labor costs. Turn any device into a punch clock that automatically records clock-in times and breaks, both paid and unpaid

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Scheduling software to manage residences for seniors

Your All-In-One Scheduling Software for Nursing Homes.

Create, edit, and share your schedules easily. Send messages. Your employees clock in and out. Timesheets are automatically filled. All centralized.


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Automate Timesheets

Precisely capture clocked hours and employee photos, which are then sent to timesheets automatically. Discrepancies are highlighted. Approving is now easy.



Reduce Employee Turnover

Taking your care attendants’, nurses’, and support staff’s constraints into account when scheduling is easy and goes a long way towards making them happier at work.

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Eliminate Shift Conflicts

Never mistakenly schedule the same employee twice. You always have a clear picture of who’s working where and when.

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I was convinced that no software could be flexible enough for our business’s needs. I have to admit that Agendrix was this year’s big discovery and that we could never go back to the old ways.
Brian Henderson
Co-owner, Résidences Le Boisé sur mer
10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Care attendant
10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Assisted living employee scheduling software

Managing Shift Schedules Shouldn’t Take All Day.

Day shifts, night shifts, overnight shifts, and many positions for employees of all ages make staff scheduling difficult.

Sort it all out in your assisted living facility with Agendrix.

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Agendrix is the kind of tool every business should be using. Simple, effective, and practical for managing schedules and ensuring proper employee communication.

Annick Boisvert
Manager, Résidence Haut-Bois / Fleuri-Bois

I’m proud to encourage a Québec business. The software they offer is exceptional, and facilitates employee schedule management for my home-care business.

Chantal Lambert
Owner, L’étoile à domicile
Your questions answered.

Which software is best for scheduling?

Agendrix offers a number of specialized features designed to help managers in the assisted living industry make the best of their limited resources. Agendrix can specifically help you:

  • Keep track of overtime to cut costs;
  • Use open shifts to quickly find replacements;
  • Plan and keep track of who’s on break, when, and for how long;
  • Schedule while keeping an eye on hourly labor costs and your budget;
  • Use schedule templates to easily reuse fixed or rotating schedules week after week;
  • Manage several locations and departments conveniently through dedicated schedules;
  • Export timesheets to payroll conveniently through integrations with commonly used payroll systems;
  • Create and assign customizable premiums for specific work conditions such as night shifts, remote work, or on call;
  • Turn an existing device into a punch clock terminal that records clock-in/clock-out right in the online timesheets.

Agendrix is not limited to assisted living facilities however. Home care scheduling software is the term that describes systems used to manage caregivers who travel to provide health care at a client’s home.

How much does a scheduling system cost?

Most software providers have a monthly or yearly pricing structure that scales directly with the number of connected users for a given business. In other words, businesses pay a small amount for each individual seat rather than having to front a predefined bulk sum regardless of the number of users. This has the advantage of allowing smaller companies to benefit fully from professional-grade software at a cost that respects their budgetary limitations. Agendrix has such a pricing structure and offers a free trial.

For more information, visit our pricing page.

Is there an app for employee scheduling?

Yes, Agendrix does have an app for employee scheduling available for both the Android and iOS platforms.

What is scheduling software used for?

Scheduling software is used to automate certain employee scheduling processes in senior care facilities and industries related to senior living facilities, healthcare, and pharmacies, among others. Such systems are the natural evolution of paper based scheduling processes. Common features include work schedule management, employee communication, time tracking, reporting capabilities, and notifications via mobile device.

We have you covered.

  • Employee availability management
  • Overnight shifts
  • Shift swaps
  • Punch clock with photo
  • Payroll export
  • Centralized timesheets
  • Mobile apps (iOS / Android)
  • Email notifications
  • Internal team messaging

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