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Established in 2015, L’étoile à domicile provides independent living support and home care services in the Lanaudière, Outaouais, Montérégie, and Laurentides regions.

L’étoile’s hundred and some employees share various duties, including mealtime assistance, accompanying services, and housekeeping. This broad range of responsibilities results in highly variable work hours across many locations.

A Full-Time Challenge

Before discovering Agendrix, Chantal herself would manage the employees using paper schedules. Needless to say, she would spend a significant amount of time on this task.

Even though I only had 15 employees to manage, I had to spend about nine hours a week double-checking changes due to errors.

Every week, Chantal would send her employees a photo of the schedule, which invariably resulted in a tonne of back-and-forth and extra changes. Although extremely time-consuming, there was no room for error as the health of Chantal’s clients was at stake.

A Matter of Trust

With no reliable way of tracking her employees’ work hours, Chantal had no choice but to trust them. However, since clients are billed by the hour, this could lead to transparency problems. Who was Chantal to believe when her clients reported being overcharged? How could she even check?

Further, even though Chantal’s employees are actually trustworthy, to err is human. Simple writing or reading mistakes could result in invoicing errors and cost money—or a client.

Tools of the Trade

Nowadays, schedule management remains key at L’étoile à domicile, but paper schedules are no more. Two dispatchers w now use Agendrix to manage more than one hundred employees.

Agendrix gives us credibility when hiring. We get to show applicants that we use modern solutions, that we really value their time.

Since the latest version of the schedule can now always be accessed online, the managers no longer have to send out individual copies. Whenever the employees have requests or constraints of their own, they too use the app to communicate. The managers are notified, and no information is overlooked, lost, or otherwise misrecorded.

Timesheets Are of the Essence

Agendrix revolutionized L’étoile à domicile’s way of doing things. Each work shift created in the online schedule also lists the related client’s address and GPS coordinates. Risks of getting lost or showing up at the wrong place are thus eliminated.

Further, each employee’s time of arrival, time of departure, and position are automatically recorded in their timesheets. Processing the invoices digitally ensures their accuracy, protecting both clients and employees. To top it off, the timesheets now take but a few minutes to review fully.

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