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Your employees send their availability, preferences, and time-off requests. You create and publish the schedule for multiple locations. The employees are notified. Everyone is always up to date.


Create schedules, edit, and share them easily with your team.


Improve team communication with notifications and direct messages.


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Improve Employee Retention

Taking into account the availability and preferences or your staff is easy with a restaurant staff scheduling app. The right tool can improve employee engagement and make your management tasks easier.



Reduce Labor Costs

Optimize labor costs right in your weekly schedules. See the impact of changes on your budget instantly to adapt to your needs.

Fill Shifts Faster

In-app open shifts and shift swaps help you ensure you always have the right people working at the right time. Send shift cover requests in a few clicks.

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Treat yourself with a gift; Agendrix is a true restaurant staff management gem. Once you try it, you'll never go back.

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Restaurant scheduling app

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Creating employee schedules, updating employee availability, and communicating with your staff should be easy.

With the right tool, it is.

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Agendrix is really user-friendly. Change can be daunting, but getting to use an app such as Agendrix is worth it tenfold.

Patrick Gingras Co-owner, Thaï Zone and Chocolats Favoris

Agendrix’s structure centralizes all information and schedule management communications in one convenient place. This means we work more efficiently and avoid making mistakes.

Marilyn Pinault Manager, Siboire

At first, I thought Agendrix to be a luxury. Nowadays, I'm convinced it's an essential tool for restaurant owners. Since students have busy schedules, Agendrix helps make everyone feel secure.

Bruno Léveillé Franchisee, Valentine

Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are some answers to your management woes.

What is a restaurant employee scheduling software?

A restaurant employee scheduling software is an online tool that simplifies employee schedule creation, time tracking, communication with staff, and many other employee management processes.

Scheduling apps for restaurants are typically local or cloud-based and often provide a free mobile app available for both managers and employees.

What do restaurants use for employee scheduling?

Restaurant can use a wide range of tools to help them with their employee scheduling needs. Some choose to use free solutions such as Excel while others prefers to use a specialized software made specifically for the restaurant industry.

Restaurant staff scheduling software such as Agendrix enable managers to create, edit, publish, and share schedules online. Timesheets are automatically generated by collecting clock in/out hours and can be sent or exported to the payroll software in a few clicks.

Such software generally provide a scheduling dashboard from which detailed reports can be created.

How do I make a restaurant schedule for employees?

The basic step to create the best restaurant schedule for employees are as follows:

  1. Regroup employee availability, preferences, and time-off requests;
  2. Check labor forecasting;
  3. Schedule employees for each day;
  4. Find replacements as needed;
  5. Publish and share the schedule with staff.

These steps can be largely automated by using a dedicated restaurant staff scheduling software.

Which software is best to schedule employees?

The best restaurant scheduling software is Agendrix. It has the best features to fit the needs of restaurants, is user-friendly, and provides unlimited support for both employees and managers.

Agendrix also allows managers to turn existing devices into punch clocks with which employees can clock in and out to automatically fill out their timesheets. No needs to spend thousands of dollars for expensive equipment.

Availability management
Drop, swap, and open shifts
Labor cost calculator and reports
Time clock
Shift seen confirmation
Shift reminders
Mobile apps (iOS / Android)
Email notifications
Internal messaging and group chats

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