Online Time Clock Software

Agendrix’s time clock software lets you know exactly when your employees clock in and clock out. Select one or more clocking systems that best meet your business needs.

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Online Time Clock Kiosk

Take Back Control of Work Time

Time clocks allow your staff to clock their work hours from a fixed location. Clocking kiosks can be created on a tablet or computer. Kiosks created this way then become the only systems your employees can use to clock in and clock out. Your employees use a PIN to clock their time.

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Web time clock kiosk for work hours.

Mobile employee time clock app for work hours.

Mobile Time Clock App

Manage Employee Work Hours Without Spending on Hardware

Mobile time clocks allow your employees to clock their work hours using their own iPhone or Android device. GPS-based geolocation technology lets you know where your employees clock in and out. You can even establish a clocking perimeter to make sure your employees are where they need to be.

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Mobile Time Clock for Job Sites

Keep Work Time Under Control from Anywhere

Mobile time clocks allow your employees to clock their work hours from job sites or jobs, such as construction sites, using their own smartphone. You can add job site addresses to create a clocking perimeter from which your employees must clock in.

Mobile smartphone time clock for job sites.

Landline time clock without Internet access.

Phone-Based Time Clock

Manage Time Clocking Without Internet

Our phone time clock allows your employees to use a client’s landline to clock in and out. This lets you know when and where your employees clock in and out even with no Internet access.

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Online Timesheets

One-Click Timesheet Approval

You can allow your employees to fill in their own online timesheets in the Agendrix app. Once filled, timesheets are sent automatically to managers for approval.

Online easy time clock with timesheets.

Online computer punch clock with Agendrix app for small businesses.

Computer Time Clock

Turn Your Computer into a Time Clock

Computer-based online time clocks allow your employees to clock their work hours using the Agendrix app from any computer. As needed, you can set which computers can be used for clocking using IP addresses. Online computer time clock softwares are useful for employees who work with computers, in an office or from home.

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