Many devices with our online punch clock software

Employee punch clock system

The versatile
punch clock.

Easily record your employees’ clock-in and clock-out times. Regardless of your business reality, Agendrix has a time and attendance solution that’s both simple and economical for you.

No credit card required. Up to 21 days of free trial. 7-day support.

On-premise punch clock system

To track the hours of employees who regularly work at the same location.

Your online time clock

Tablet or computer-based punch clock.

Turn a tablet or computer into a terminal from which your employees can clock in and out. Simply install Agendrix, assign PINs to your team, and you’re good to go.

Put an end to time theft.

For added security, use the optional facial recognition feature to see if the person punching in is really who they claim to be.

No purchase of equipment necessary.

Forget expensive punch clock systems. Agendrix’s time and attendance software is easy to install on the iPad, Android tablet, or computer your employees already use every day.

Integrate time clocking, scheduling, timesheets, and communication.

When your employees clock in, their hours are automatically recorded in their timesheets, with no need to recopy them manually.
Any discrepancy with the schedule is then reported to you; all you have left to do is to review.

Mobile clock-in/clock-out

To keep track of work hours for employees on the move.

Employee time/punch clock system

Mobile employee time clock with geolocation.

Use the Agendrix mobile app to provide your employees with the addresses of their various workplaces by date and time. Then, create a perimeter around these locations within which they must be to clock in and out.

Address-based geolocation perimeter

Automated out-of-range clock-in alerts

Online punch clock without Internet

Landline phone punch clock.

No Internet access? No problem. Simply let your employees clock in and out from the phone numbers you specify. After identifying them, the system records their work hours in the appropriate timesheets.

Combine punch clock, work locations, schedules, and time tracking.

Use work schedules as a source of information for your employees, specifying the time of arrival,
the location—customer, worksite, or branch—and the work equipment to bring.

Office time tracking

For office and remote workers.

Self-service timesheets.

If your employees are responsible for filling in their own timesheets, simply give them access to Agendrix, where they can do it themselves in a matter of seconds. Perfect for paperless time tracking.

IP-restricted computer clocking.

Enable your employees to clock in and out from their work computer. To tighten security, you can also restrict clock-in/clock-out to specific IP addresses, such as the office or the employee’s home.

RFID time punch clock.

Turn the tablet or computer of your choice into an RFID electronic punch clock by simply connecting the appropriate reader. Works with RFID cards, chips, badges, and tokens.

Barcode punch clock.

Integrate Agendrix’s time and attendance system with any barcode reader connected to a punch clock terminal. The perfect solution for companies already using barcodes to manage access to their premises.

Bring together timesheets, communication, and time and attendance management.

Time entries created by employees are automatically centralized in Agendrix for easy verification.
Perfect for managers who wish to keep a record of hours worked.

Keep track of
work hours accurately.

Up to 21 days of free trial. Easy setup. Cancel anytime.