Employee Database Software

Employee Records Management Software.

Agendrix helps you easily maintain employee records and centralize data using one convenient software. From work hours to personnel files, keep your HR organized, secure, and ever-accessible.

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Employee File Management
Made Easy.

Agendrix makes it easy to automatically collect, store, and access key HR information about your employees. User access levels let you control who sees what.

HR Database

Become an HR Expert With Employee Data.

Forget chaotic spreadsheets and double entries. Agendrix lets you choose what you track about your employees, directly in their profile. From allergies to emergency contacts, keep the data you need tidy and organized.

Your Employee Database, Anywhere, Anytime.

Centralize and organize every employee’s HR documents with one convenient app. Define who can access each document.

Easily Share Internal Documents.

So long, scattered emails. Managers and employees can exchange files directly in Agendrix: forms, contracts, check specimens, certificates, performance reviews, and more.

Personalized Data

Customize Your Employee Records.

Every organization has its own needs. With customizable HR data fields, you have full control over what information your employee records should contain.

HR onboarding software Agendrix mobile app in 3 diffretent views

HR Management

Self-Service Helps You Be More Efficient.

Your employees know themselves best. Have them provide their own personal HR information as you onboard them into Agendrix—and let them update their data as their situation evolves.

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