2 mobile phones featuring our HR Software for Small Businesses with High Five, stats and data in both screen.

HR software for small businesses

The HR software small businesses can count on.

Agendrix is your all-in-one scheduling and HR management software that helps you onboard your employees, centralize employee records, collect feedback through surveys, and highlight good work every day.

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Desktop and mobile onboarding interface

Cloud HR onboarding software

Give a proper welcome.

Structure the onboarding of new staff in your organization while seamlessly collecting the HR information you need for their personnel file.

Your employee records online.

Centralize and easily manage your employees’ HR records using a single, user-friendly employee database software.

Share and receive internal documents.

Agendrix makes it easy for managers and employees to exchange files. The perfect solution to manage your HR documents: forms, contracts, payroll slips, certificates, performance reviews, and much more.

HR onboarding software Agendrix mobile app in 3 diffretent views

Employee database software

Keep your HR organized.

Easily build full employee records using one convenient software. Centralize work hours, personnel files, and professional communications to keep your HR tightly organized.


Electronic signatures made easy.

Request in-app signatures easily

All documents stored in Agendrix can also be signed electronically.

Add up to four signers per document

Request up to four additional signers per document. Perfect to get the approval of multiple people.

Secure via two-factor authentication

Validate the identity of signers via two-factor authentication.

Notifications and reminders

Get signatures quickly with in-app and email notifications and reminders.

Screen view of our Employee Engagement Survey Software

Employee engagement survey software

Ask, collect, assess, improve, retain.

Create custom surveys you can then share with the members of your organization in a click. The software does the response collecting to let you focus on taking action.

3 mobile phones showcasing 3 main screen of our High five module which is part of our HR app for business.

Employee recognition software

Build a culture of recognition.

High Fives involves both employees and managers in the creation of fun recognition cards that help highlight the little everyday successes that too often go unnoticed.

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