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Don't Time Waste, Do Timesheets.

You keep a close eye on your employee’s time, but what about your own? With Agendrix, your employees clock, and your timesheets fill themselves out. Then, you export the data to your payroll system of choice without having to use any expensive hardware.

Online Time Clock to Capture Work Hours

Fair and Square.

The way to track worked hours has evolved. Lighten your management burden with a modern time clock system that adapts to your workplace perfectly.

Online Timesheets

Make Every
Minute Count.

With timesheets that automatically record the starting, break, and finishing times clocked by your employees, gone are the days of copying hours and mistakes.

Timesheet Export

Your Payroll, With Peace of Mind.

After double checking your timesheets, export them to your favorite payroll system in a click. Your data is precise, and so is your payroll.

Ever since we started using Agendrix's time clock, our timesheets are ultraprecise, and the software automatically detects discrepancies with the schedule.

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