Time and Attendance Software

Agendrix is a time and attendance management software for small businesses to better manage the clock in and clock out of employees and timesheets.

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Attendance Management System

Automated Time and Attendance Tracker

Employee attendance is automatically tracked in Agendrix when they clock in clock out. As needed, you can set up certain rules to automatically adjust clocked hours.

Time and Attendance software.

Compare work schedules with attendance tracking.

Employee Scheduler and Attendance Compatibility

Easily Compare Attendance with Work Schedules

Quickly spot discrepancies between scheduled hours and clock in and clock out hours. Make better decisions regarding the number of hours to pay; avoid paying for hours that weren’t actually worked for.

Time and Attendance Reminders

Reduce Absenteeism and Lateness

Late employees are automatically alerted via an attendance notification. You can set the system to send you an alert when employees don’t clock in or out, and customize exactly when you and your employees should be notified.

Employee attendance clock software reminder.

GPS time clock for attendance tracking.

Employee Time Clock with GPS

GPS Time Clock

Define a place and perimeter within which your employees must clock in to record their punch in and punch out entries. You can then be sure that they are actually recording their attendance from where they are supposed to work.

Tracking Time and Attendances on Job Sites

Clock in Clock out at Multiple Job Sites

Your employees can clock in and out from several job sites using the GPS on their mobile device. You can also define a perimeter within which your employees must clock in, and add an option for phone call-based clocking.

Attendance tracker with GPS using mobile.

Best timesheet app for multiple employees.

Online Timesheet

Centralized Timesheets for Multiple Employees

Accelerate your timesheet creation process and prevent unnecessary retranscriptions by making time entries easily accessible online to your managers. As needed, you can allow employees to access their own timesheets and to add or modify entries from their very own mobile phone app, tablet, or computer.

Time Banks

Keep an Eye on Overtime

Easily keep track of each employee’s weekly overtime. Create overtime time banks to round out timesheets or give time off in a blink.

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Automated overtime and accumulated hours management app.

Payroll System Exports

Process Payroll in Seconds

Waste time rewriting employee hours worked no more. Your Agendrix timesheets are compatible with several well-known payroll systems. Export your data in a click, and ta-dah, you’re ready for payroll.

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Online Clock In Clock Out

Your Employees Clock In from the Devices You Define

Time and Attendance requires no costly or complex equipment. Based on your preferences, your employees can enter their work hours from their own mobile app, a computer, a tablet, or even a client’s phone. Native iPhone and Android apps are also available.

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Time and Attendance tracking software.

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