Computer screen featuring our Online employee scheduling software and how it can be turn into a punch clock

Time and attendance employee tracking

Time and attendance tracking, faster payroll.

Turn any device—tablet, smartphone, or computer—into a punch clock. Whenever your employees clock in and out, their timesheets are filled out accurately, in real time. Approving and exporting to payroll is then easier than ever.

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Time and attendance software

How many work hours,
when, and where, anywhere.

Traditional employee punch clocks don’t typically do a whole lot for you. Sure, they’ll record work hours, but you’ll still have to rewrite and crosscheck them manually—not good. Here’s how Agendrix helps you become more than a time tracking machine.

Many devices with our online punch clock software
Icon representing devices that can be used to punch

Clock-in terminals from your devices

Turn an existing iPad, Android tablet, or computer into a clocking-in terminal. No costly equipment needed; just install the Agendrix app, assign PINs, and go.

Track clock-in/clock-out accurately

Any clock-in/out data is stored instantly in your organization’s online HQ in Agendrix, ready to be reviewed or edited by approved managers.

Phone clock-in

The Agendrix mobile app lets your staff clock-in/out using their own phone. Create a geofence as needed. Perfect for mobile workers.

Curb time theft and buddy punching

For added security, Agendrix can be set to use facial recognition to identify the user on clock-in.

Automatically track employee attendance and export timesheets

Ditch manual
timesheet data entry.

You have better things to do than to manually copy shift data into timesheets. With Agendrix, your punch clock 
and timesheets become one. Any clock-in data is fed simultaneously and accurately to the right timesheet.

Agendrix apps view of one employee scheduling as well as cliock-in clock-out time preview in a computer

Let your timesheets
do the work

On top of being accurate to the second, Agendrix timesheets require no manual input on your part to fill out.

Automatically check and flag discrepancies

Any clock-in/out and break times are checked against the schedule for differences, which are then highlighted for you for easy review and approval.

Account for paid and unpaid breaks easily

Paid and unpaid breaks, too, are automatically calculated and checked against the schedule and thresholds you set.

Clean up time entries
with rounding rules

Whether you need to round up or down to the nearest minute or quarter hour, rounding rules can help you automate the perfect timesheets.

Full paper trail, minus the paper mess

Agendrix keeps an ever-accessible online archive of all timesheets and changes for reference purposes.

Payroll reports, exports, and integrations

Simple payroll prep
for a stress-free payday.

With Agendrix handling your timesheets and pay calculations, your next payroll might just take minutes to prepare instead of hours.

Computer with girls hand tapping on the keyboard. Agendrix logo in the middle with Payroll reports, exports, and integrations icons outside

One-click payroll-ready reports and exports

No need to manually add up timesheets. Agendrix payroll reports break down how much everyone should be paid.

Integrated with popular payroll systems

Make payroll management truly seamless with one of Agendrix’s many available payroll system integrations.

Track overtime, PTOs, and holidays

Overtime, PTO, and
holiday accrual banks.

Woman updating her business schedule and more precisely the type of day off request

Your single channel for leave management

Leave requests made by your employees in Agendrix are clearly tallied up in individual accrual banks upon approval.

Track paid and unpaid leaves by category

Use simple reports to keep an eye on remaining leave and vacation time per employee.

Sync PTO and payroll

Make sure that PTO is reflected accurately in your next payroll to prevent mispay.

Time banks to track overtime and deficits

Time banks are a convenient way to give overtime back as time off or round off timesheets.

Work attendance tracking

Always keep a close eye
on employee attendance.

Corner of a computer screen with a close up view of Agendrix Work attendance tracking

See who’s on the floor and on time.

Get peace of mind with a real-time view of when and where your employees clock-in. Notifications keep you in the loop whenever employees miss their clock-in time to help you react quickly.

See who clocked in and where

Bell icon to reprensent alert from our scheduling tool and how you can prevent common management errors such as scheduling two shifts

Lateness and no-show alerts

Track breaks in real time

Find substitutes

To try Agendrix
is to adopt it.

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