Pharmacy scheduling software to streamline employee schedules

Pharmacy Scheduling.

Create and automate rotating work schedules and prevent scheduling conflicts easily. Turn any device into a punch clock that automatically records clock-in times and breaks, both paid and unpaid.

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Pharmacy scheduling software

Your All-In-One Pharmacy Management Software.

Create, edit, share, and save schedules easily. Send messages. Your employees clock in and out. Timesheets are automatically filled. All centralized.


Pharmacy Sizes

Automate Timesheets

Precisely capture clocked hours and employee photos, which are then sent to timesheets automatically. Discrepancies are highlighted. Approving is now easy.



Reduce Employee Turnover

Taking your pharmacists’, technicians’, and clerks’ constraints into account when scheduling is easy and goes a long way towards making them happier at work.

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Fill Shifts Faster

Find replacements and ensure you always have enough available staff. In-app communication tools make it simple.

Client since 2015

I really like the software’s overall ease of use, but my favorite aspect is how I get to see all of my employees’ information in one convenient location.
Alex Caron
Pharmacist owner, Accès Pharma
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Pharmacy scheduling software

The Puzzle of Variable Work Hours is Solved.

Your pharmacy technicians and clerks love it when you take their constraints seriously, and they show it by working for you longer. And with Agendrix, fulfilling scheduling needs couldn’t be easier.

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Can Agendrix help you better manage your pharmacy? Absolutely; their testimonials speak for themselves.

Staff Scheduling Software Built for Pharmacy

Agendrix lets managers spend less time on the scheduling process and tracking, and
more time with their customers and employees.

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Agendrix is different, and way ahead of competition. When I bought my pharmacy, a software was already in place, but I made the switch right away. Agendrix’s online schedules software is easy to use, looks great, and their service department is on point.

Maude Smith-Bujold
Pharmacist owner, Familiprix

Agendrix suggests the simplest option and alerts us whenever there are scheduling conflicts, meaning errors are very unlikely. I would highly recommend it. I’ll never go back to Excel!

Julie Simard
Bookkeeper, Brunet

Agendrix has really made my life easier! When I need to find a replacement for a scheduled technician, all available technicians are notified immediately, and within minutes, I get volunteer requests to fill in.

Valéry Madore
Pharmacist owner, Familiprix
Your questions answered.

What is the best program for scheduling?

The best program for scheduling is Agendrix. Benefits include:

  • Creating and managing the schedule;
  • Optimizing labor costs;
  • Simplifying time and shift tracking;
  • Preventing payroll-related errors;
  • Reducing back and forth communication with employees;
  • Improving employee work satisfaction;
  • Minimizing scheduling conflicts;
  • Automating time consuming tasks;
  • Improving the reporting process.

Here are 13 more reasons to use a staff scheduling software.

Which software is used for scheduling work?

Agendrix is used for scheduling work in thousands of small and medium businesses. Very small businesses (less than 8 employees) can also reliably use common solutions such as Excel for scheduling work hours and shifts, but managing larger teams properly requires a specialized and user friendly schedule tool such as Agendrix.

Home care scheduling software refers to software dedicated to health workers who travel to offer home services.

What is healthcare scheduling software?

Healthcare scheduling software is a cloud-based or local computer program or application that automates certain employee scheduling processes in pharmacies and related industries, such as retirement homes. Common features include work schedule management, employee communication, time tracking, reporting capabilities, and notifications via mobile device.

Is my credit card required for the free trial?

Nope. We don’t like giving out our credit card information when trying things out, so we don’t ask for yours.

Signing up takes a minute and is as simple as creating your account here. After signing up, you’ll get to benefit from Agendrix’s entire suite of features for 14 days, no commitment. At the end of the trial, you can decide whether or not you keep Agendrix.

We have you covered.

  • Availability & time off requests
  • Shift trades & open shifts
  • Multiple schedules, multiple locations
  • Payroll export
  • Punch clock with photo
  • Centralized timesheets
  • Mobile apps (iOS / Android)
  • Email notifications
  • Internal messaging

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