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Online Caregiver Schedule App

Manage Remotely,
As If You Were There.

Keeping track of the work hours of mobile employee working for multiple clients can be tough. Dial-in and GPS time clocks that automatically record work hours in timesheets make it easy.

Always Synced
Shift Seen

* Compared to Excel


Healthcare Providers

Improve Communication

Deal with last-minute constraints and update everyone at a moment’s notice with convenient in-app communication tools and instant notifications.



Manage Efficiently

Don’t waste time reaching out to everyone individually. Coordinate everything, from job sites to necessary equipment to client requests, right in the app.

Automate Time Tracking

Precisely capture clocked hours, which are then sent to timesheets automatically upon clocking. Discrepancies are highlighted. Approving is now easy.

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Agendrix gives us credibility when hiring. We get to show applicants that we use modern solutions, that we really value their time.

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Home Care Employee Management Software

Schedule. Dispatch. Track Time. Seamless.

Share schedules and reach out to your staff instantly, wherever they are. Keep track of employee location on clock in clock out. Timesheets record this information automatically for easy approval.


Build schedules from centralized availability and constraints.


Approve timesheets that automatically record clocked hours.

Job Site Management

Easily assign clients and job sites to the selected employees.

Mobile Time Clock

Personalize how your employees clock. No expensive hardware.


Easily manage evening, night, weekend, and other premiums.

Built for Home Care Providers.

You have better things to do than spend all day scheduling and tracking time.


Start scheduling in minutes with our help or by yourself.

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Availability management
Open shifts
Mobile and dial-in punch clock
Multiple job sites
Reports useful for billing
Centralized timesheets
Mobile apps (iOS / Android)
Email notifications
Internal messaging

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