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Create your own professional virtual workspace. Set up one-on-one or group chat sessions. Get in touch with your employees easily and at any time without lengthy phone calls.

Communicate How You Need

Reach out to the right person, right when you need it.

Wave Goodbye to Uncertainty

Quickly check who actually read your messages.

Stay in the Loop

Never miss a message intended to you. Customize your in-app notifications.

Keep Things Professional

Define whether your employees can chat with one another or with their managers only.

Business Communication News Feed

Keep Your Team
Fully Informed.

Publish business-wide or specific subgroup level updates. Categorize your postings. Enable employee comments for instant feedback.

Agendrix Messenger is quite useful as it means we don’t have to deal with text messages across various personal networks. Having everything job-related centralized on the platform is great!

Alex Caron Owner-pharmacist, Accès Pharma


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