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Centralize your communications.

Agendrix lets your team members communicate via instant messaging in a professional environment. As a manager, easily publish messages, company policies, and documents to your entire organization or to specific sub-groups.

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Professional internal messaging software

Put an end to scattered communications.

Make Agendrix your company’s one and only communication channel. Wave goodbye to email chains, unread text messages, and Facebook groups blurring the boundary between work and personal life.

Reach anyone easily

Reach the person or people you want via chat.

Say goodbye to uncertainty

Quickly check who has actually read your messages.

Don’t miss a thing

Choose how the application should alert you when you receive a message.

Maintain a professional climate

Determine whether your employees can write to each other or communicate exclusively with their managers.

Express yourself clearly.

Send voice messages and use reaction emojis to nuance your exchanges.

Share files in a flash.

Agendrix’s messaging tool lets you send documents that can then be accessed at any time.

News feed for internal communications

Your central hub for sharing information.

Meet the news feed, your virtual bulletin board.

Use the news feed to publish internal messages and documents to which your employees can always refer in the future.

Perfect for policies, guides, company events, and internal recruitment.

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