Make time count.

Our raison d’être is to make management about people first by building software that makes life easier for frontline workers.

Our values.

No bullshit.

We are honest and work with integrity. Transparency is essential at Agendrix, and we prefer to—ever respectfully—tell things as they are. When mistaken, we assume our responsibility, we learn, and we progress on.

Go beyond.

Challenge the status quo and try new things. Creativity and knowledge are at the core of innovation. Quality must trump quantity.

Create a positive impact.

The Agendrix experience seeks to be positive and unforgettable, both for our users and our team. We create value worldwide and make every effort to get involved locally and give back to our community.

Play as a team.

Success is built in a sincere yet respectful teamwork environment. Where each individual is called upon to contribute in their own way. Where each victory, whether great or small, is celebrated.

and proud

Our mission:

To make management
about people first.

We strive to inspire a more humane workplace management philosophy. Where ancient, cumbersome processes no longer prevail over the needs of employees. Where managers get to spend more time with their team. Where each and every individual is treated with respect.

The technology we develop helps us fulfill this ambition. We also embody it in-house by treating our own employees just as we treat our customers every day: in the most humane of manners.

We’re not interested in pretending that we know everything. In fact, we only really know one thing: in our niche, we’re unmatched.

But don’t take our word for it. We dare you to try Agendrix. To put us up to the challenge. You’ll quickly realize that all software is not created equal. And understand why we’re so proud.

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