Our passion for technology translates into exceptional software that eliminates day-to-day management problems. Every day, we show countless managers the power of better balancing their business needs with their employees’. This is how, little by little, we work toward our raison d’être:

to make management about people first.

About Us

Meet the Team

Put the right tools into
the right hands, and
anything’s possible.

Sébastien Charland

CFO and Partner

Samuel Roy

CMO, Cofounder

Mathieu Allaire

CEO, Cofounder

Charles Vallières

CTO, Cofounder

Mathieu Blanchette

Lead Mobile Developer

Alexis Delenclos

Major Account Executive

Adam Tétreault

Business Development Director and Partner

Sébastien Gagnon

Senior Back End Developer

Mark Borham

Customer Success Manager

Andrée-Anne Blais-Auclair

HR Content Specialist

Alexandre Lafond

Front End Developer

Michaël Thibault

Strategist and Editor

Justine L. Allard

Account Executive

David Bilodeau

Lead Designer

Jacques Marcotte

Senior Designer

Éric Matte

Full Stack Developer

Jean-Michel Roy

Account Executive

Louis Boudreau

Full Stack Developer

Yannick Gagné

Senior Account Executive

Laurent Mandrile

Full Stack Developer

Philippe Chabot

Full Stack Developer

Véronique Forest

Project Manager and Writer

Patrick Bibeau

Account Executive

Styves Goupil

Development Director

Kevin Saucier

Business Development Specialist

Daniel-Anthony Romero

iOS Developer

Prescillia Arnould

Full Stack Developer

Jean-François Bélisle

Full Stack Developer

Carl C. Ferland

UI Designer

Simon Ouellette Labbé

Android Developer

Rémi Grégoire

Business Development Specialist

Sylvain Dessureault

Sylvain Dessureault

Api Integration Developer

Sydjie Lacourse Béliveau Agendrix

Sydjie Lacourse Béliveau

Account Executive

Front-end developer Agendrix

Steve Bourgoin

Front-end developer

Senior Mobile Developer

Yannick Gagnon

Senior Mobile Developer

Our Values.

01 /

For Humans,
by Humans

The Agendrix experience seeks to be positive and unforgettable, both for our users and our team. Simplicity and respect are the pillars of every great environment.

Founded in


With pride, in the city of Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.

Workplaces changed

10 000+

For big and small organizations of all types.

Total users

100 000+

In 14 countries across Europe and America.

02 /

Go Beyond

Try new things. Learn from mistakes. Challenge the status quo. Creativity and knowledge are at the core of innovation. Quality must trump quantity.

03 /

Make Room
for Fun

Since we all spend the larger part of our lives at work, we might as well enjoy ourselves. Work-life balance should come naturally and never be underestimated.

04 /

is Together

Success is built in a sincere yet respectful teamwork environment. Where each individual is called upon to contribute in their own way. Where each victory, whether great or small, is celebrated.

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