Scheduling is a chaotic task where the unexpected and the unexpectable meet daily. Agendrix was founded with the primary goal of organizing this chaos through the use of a simple and user-friendly application.

Today, our team is composed of a group of highly talented people desiring to support the rapid growth of Agendrix, whose objective is to positively impact the productivity of thousands of companies.

Company Values

These are the values that guide our business, our product development, and our image. As our company continues to grow, these values remain the same.

Go Beyond

Be a little crazy. Exceed expectations. Try new things. Do worthful stuff. Work extra hours when needed. Actions speak louder than words.

Deliver outstanding customer care

Always do the little extra steps to deliver amazing customer experience. Listen carefully, fix things quickly, be friendly and most of all, be transparent.

Be open-minded

Be receptive to what others have to say. Challenge the old ways. Accept that someone else might have better ideas. Criticism is essential.

Get things done

Done is better than perfect. Ship things quickly. Move fast. Do more with less. Make sure to stay on track.

Our Team

We’re strategists, developers, and technologists with experience and curiosity in spades.
We don’t like the status quo.