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Over 75 000 employees in 5000 workplaces worldwide use Agendrix every day. They left more than 10 000 five-star reviews on their experience.

Your HR Swiss Knife for the New World of Work.

Streamline your management operations by centralizing employee schedules and timesheets under one convenient app. Agendrix integrates seamlessly with your existing systems via API.

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At your convenience, we schedule a meeting to introduce you and your team to Agendrix’s core features.


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We launch a free pilot test in the branch of your choosing for you to road-test Agendrix.


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Once you’re satisfied, we roll out Agendrix throughout your organization.

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If we don’t think we can contribute to your business, we’ll tell you right away. And with our no-contract fair pilot test, you too get to make sure we’re really what you’re looking for.