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Improve employee retention. Optimize labor costs. Reduce absenteeism. Save time. Agendrix lets you scale and have a lasting impact at every level, for every workplace you manage.

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Your HR Swiss knife for the new world of work.

Streamline your management operations by centralizing employee schedules and timesheets under one convenient app. Agendrix integrates seamlessly with your existing systems via API.

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Build schedules from centralized availability and constraints.

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Time clock

Personalize how your employees clock. No expensive hardware.

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Keep everyone in the loop with notifications and in-app messages.

Facilitate onboarding, HR file management and much more with our app for big organization


Facilitate onboarding, HR file management, feedback and recognition.

First-class benefits.

We’re well aware that larger organizations have unique management challenges. Agendrix has the unique features to help you tackle those challenges.

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Premium API support

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Dedicated account manager

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Input on new features

Here’s how
we do implementation.

Discover Agendrix
We schedule a meeting to introduce you and your team to Agendrix’s core features.
Free pilot test
We launch a free pilot test in the branch of your choosing for you to road-test Agendrix.
Once you’re satisfied, we 
roll out Agendrix throughout your organization.

Meet your dedicated advisor.

Fast-track onboarding 1:1 work sessions. Proactive support. Convenient single point of contact. Far from a one-time transaction, we believe professional shouldn’t mean impersonal.

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