This document pertains to acceptable use of the products of 9312-6118 QUÉBEC INC., doing business under the name AGENDRIX (hereinafter “Agendrix”, “we” or “us”).

Our objective is to help you and your team have the best user experience possible every day. For this to happen, we need you not to misuse or abuse our products and services. To describe what we mean by “acceptable use” and “abuse” and enable you to act accordingly, we have created this acceptable use policy.

Without affecting any other remedies available to us, Agendrix may, at its own discretion, (i) delete all content which may run counter to this policy, (ii) temporarily suspend the account of an authorized user or permanently remove the user’s account, or (iii) suspend product access completely for the targeted Customer, without prior notice or liability, if Agendrix determines that an authorized user has violated this acceptable use policy.

In this acceptable use policy, the following terms have the meanings indicated:

“content”: (1) any information, data, text, software, code, sound, music, photos, graphics, videos, messages, tags, interactive features or other materials that you post, upload, share, submit, or otherwise provide in any manner to our products; and (2) any other materials, content or data you provide to Agendrix or use with our products; and

“products”: all websites and software (including software-as-a-service) operated by Agendrix.

Here are the forms of content we will not allow:

  1. Use Involving Minors
    1.1. Using Agendrix products to communicate with children younger than 13 years of age or in any other manner prohibited by applicable laws in your jurisdiction.
    1.2. Using Agendrix products if you are younger than 13 years of age.
  1. Disruption
    2.1. Compromising the integrity of our systems. This could include probing, scanning or testing the vulnerability of any system or network that hosts our products.
    2.2. Tampering with, reverse-engineering or hacking our products, circumventing any security or authentication measures, or attempting to obtain unauthorized access to the products, related systems, networks or data.
    2.3. Modifying, disabling or compromising the integrity or performance of the products or related systems, networks or data.
    2.4. Deciphering any transmissions to or from the servers running the products.
    2.5. Overwhelming or attempting to overwhelm our infrastructure by imposing an unreasonably large load on our systems that consume extraordinary resources (CPUs, memory, disk space, bandwidth, etc.); such as:
    2.5.1. using “bots”, “spiders”, “off-line readers” or other automated systems that send more requests or messages to our servers than a human could reasonably send in the same period of time by using a normal browser;
    2.5.2. exceeding the use parameters for any given product, as described in its corresponding documentation.
    2.6. Consuming an unreasonable amount of storage for data (music, videos, etc.), in a way that is unrelated to the purposes for which the products were designed.
  1. Prohibited Activities
    3.1. Misrepresenting yourself, or disguising the origin of any content (including by “spoofing”, “phishing”, manipulating headers or other identifiers, impersonating anyone else, or falsely implying any sponsorship or association with Agendrix or any third party).
    3.2. Using the products to violate the privacy of others, including publishing or posting other people’s private or confidential information without their express consent, or collecting or gathering other people’s personal information (including account names or information) from our products.
    3.3. Using our products to stalk, harass, or post direct, specific threats of violence against others.
    3.4. Using our products for any illegal purpose, or in violation of any law (including without limitation data, privacy or export control laws).
    3.5. Accessing or searching any part of the products by any means other than our publicly supported interfaces (for example, “scraping”).
    3.6. Using meta-tags or any other “hidden text”, including Agendrix’s or our suppliers’ product names or trademarks.
  1. Inappropriate Communications
    4.1. Sending Agendrix manifestly frivolous, repetitive or harassing support or maintenance requests, or issuing threats to its personnel in such support or maintenance requests.
    4.2. Using the products to generate or send unsolicited communications, advertising, chain letters or spam.
    4.3. Soliciting our users for commercial purposes, unless expressly permitted by Agendrix.
    4.4. Disparaging Agendrix or our partners, vendors or affiliates.
    4.5. Promoting or advertising products or services other than your own without appropriate authorization.
  1. Inappropriate Content
    5.1. Posting, uploading, sharing, submitting or otherwise providing content that:
    5.1.1. infringes the intellectual property of Agendrix or a third party, including any copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, moral rights, privacy rights or any other intellectual property right or proprietary or contractual right;
    5.1.2. you are not entitled to submit;
    5.1.3. is deceptive, fraudulent, illegal, obscene, defamatory, libelous, threatening, harmful to minors, pornographic (including juvenile pornography, which we will remove and report to law enforcement), indecent, harassing, hateful;
    5.1.4. encourages illegal or tortious conduct or is otherwise inappropriate;
    5.1.5. attacks others based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or medical condition;
    5.1.6. contains viruses, bots, worms, scripting exploits or other similar materials;
    5.1.7. uses inflammatory language;
    5.1.8. could cause damage to Agendrix or a third party.

Personal Information Protection Policy


This document concerns the personal information protection by 9312-6118 QUÉBEC INC., doing business under the name AGENDRIX (hereinafter “Agendrix”, “we” or “us”).

Protecting your personal information on our website and products (collectively, the “Platform”) is a matter of particular concern to us. This policy deals with the protection of Agendrix customers’ and authorized users’ personal information. Its purpose is to explain how we collect, use and communicate your personal information via the Platform. This policy does not apply to information regarding our employees or suppliers.

  1. Introduction. Use of this Platform is subject to compliance with the service contract and this policy. If you access and use our Platform, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out in these documents. If you do not agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, please do not access our Platform or use its features.
  1. Collection of your personal information. We collect only such personal information concerning you as is required to establish, manage and maintain our relationship with you and complete the transactions you conduct on our Platform.

Before you can use Agendrix services, you must register, including supplying your name and credit card information for those customers ordering products other than the no-charge products.

Certain other personal contact details and other information may be requested from time to time or collected in the course of use of the Platform.

Your data are also shared with subprocessors. For more information, refer to :

  1. Use of your personal information. We may use personal information concerning you for the following purposes:
    3.1. To conduct the transactions required on our Platform and for the use of our products (note that we use an external Stripe service to let you make payments, where applicable, and that this service is subject to its own terms and conditions of use);
    3.2. To track your orders and accounts;
    3.3. To communicate information required for the operation of Agendrix products (work schedules, including planning, communications, time recording (stationary and mobile time clocks), timesheets (attendance sheets) and distribution/coordination of services in the field and at customers’ locations) and other information related to work attendance management;
    3.4. To understand and identify your needs and preferences in order to offer you custom services;
    3.5. Without restricting the generality of the foregoing, we may access one or more users’ accounts in order to: observe their behaviour within the application; assist them (technical support); correct one or more data items; import employee lists; import a list of resources transmitted to us by email or otherwise by a customer representative; establish schedules; or create messages, comments or notes in our products’ various modules. In particular, we take these actions to make recommendations to users on their use of Agendrix products; and
    3.6. Finally, even after you cease to be an authorized user of one of our customers, we may send you notices by email, SMS and/or Facebook at the addresses you provide, (i) in the course of operation of our products, (ii) to inform you of changes in Agendrix product features and (iii) to inform you of special offers. Note that you may withdraw your consent to this at any time by following the procedure described under the heading Withdrawal of Consent

Your personal information will not be used for purposes other than those listed above, except with your consent or as required or authorized by law.

  1. Communication of your personal information. Agendrix customers use our products to manage the work schedules and work attendance of their employees, volunteers, representatives, consultants, agents, mandataries and other third parties acting for their benefit or on their behalf. In this context, an Agendrix customer has full access to the personal information on all of its authorized users that is recorded in Agendrix products. Each Agendrix customer, as an employer or principal, is solely responsible for ensuring respect for its authorized users’ confidentiality and privacy, and the enforcement of all laws and regulations governing labour relations between the Agendrix customer and the users.

Except in the cases and subject to the conditions described herein, communication of your personal information to a third party requires your consent. We may nonetheless communicate your personal information without your consent where authorized or required by law. Each time we are required to disclose personal information concerning you, we will endeavour not to disclose more information than is required in the circumstances.

Please note that if a third party to whom we transmit personal information concerning you operates in a foreign jurisdiction, local legislation may permit other third-party access to your personal information without your consent.

  1. Sensitive information. Agendrix products allow the collection of sensitive information regarding you. In particular, you could be asked to enter information on medical or personal reasons for your work absences. The obligation to comply with all laws applying to medical and other sensitive information (including, where applicable, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act for the U.S.) rests solely with your employer or principal. Where there is doubt about the legality of the sensitive information requested, you must refer to your employer or principal and to the applicable laws of your place of work.
  1. Retention of your personal information. We retain personal information concerning you only for the time needed to accomplish the purpose for which it was collected, to meet legal requirements regarding retention and for the time needed to protect our legitimate business interests.
  1. Withdrawal of consent. You may at any time withdraw your consent to the collection, use and communication of your personal information, provided that reasonable advance notice is given. Please note that if you choose to withdraw your consent to the collection, use or communication of your personal information in general, you may no longer be able to use the products, in whole or in part.

At any time, you may also withdraw your consent to receiving notices by email, SMS and/or Facebook by changing the communication settings in your account.

  1. Questionnaires and surveys. By agreeing to use the Platform, you allow Agendrix to conduct surveys from time to time in order to collect personal information that you agree to supply voluntarily. You will not be required to participate in these surveys nor to supply the personal information requested. When personal information is provided, Agendrix uses it to draw up a general profile of its Platform’s users. If Agendrix has obtained your consent to this at the time your personal information is collected, it may subsequently communicate with you to obtain your comments on its products and services. You may withdraw your consent to such contact at any time by sending an email notice whose subject line contains the expression “Withdrawal of consent” to the following address: [email protected].
  1. Use of browsing software. During your visit to our Platform, we may possibly use a browser feature called “cookies” to collect information anonymously and build your visitor profile on our Platform. A cookie is a small text file containing a unique identification number that identifies the browser – not the user – to our computers each time you visit our Platform.

Your use of this Platform enables us to automatically compile certain information concerning your user profile. We use this information to adapt our Platform to your preferences and to compile statistics on consultation and usage of our Platform in order to improve it.

If you so desire, you can configure your browser to alert you each time you receive cookies, or to refuse them. You do not need to accept cookies to visit our Platform. If you refuse them, however, you may be unable to use certain features of our Platform.

  1. Protection and accuracy of data. Agendrix has implemented a series of security measures designed to protect your personal information from loss, theft, or any unauthorized consultation, communication, reproduction, use or modification. These security measures include physical, administrative and technological measures that are reasonable given the sensitivity of the information and its use, quantity, distribution and support.

We further acknowledge that it is important for personal information to be accurate, complete and current, and we take reasonable measures to ensure the accuracy and comprehensiveness of information that is used or communicated. Nonetheless, it is up to you to inform us of any significant change affecting your personal information that may arise in the course of our business relationship. If you believe your account has been used inappropriately or that its security may have been compromised, please communicate with us immediately.

  1. How to access and update your information. You have the right to consult and access personal information that is retained about you. You can also request correction of your personal information if it is inaccurate, incomplete or ambiguous, or if it has been collected, communicated or retained in violation of the law.

You can update your personal information at any time by signing in to your account on the Platform.

Any questions or concerns with regard to this policy or the collection, use or communication of your personal information, including requests for access or correction, may be addressed to our Customer Service department at the following address: [email protected]

  1. Amendment of this policy. Agendrix reserves the right to amend the content of this policy at any time. Any change made will appear on our Platform and brought to your attention when you sign in. We recommend that you print a copy of this policy for your files and review this section of our Platform periodically.

This Agreement was last modified on March 24, 2017.