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Automatically assign work shifts.

Agendrix lets you automatically assign work shifts to your employees while accounting for availability, leaves, and other requirements.

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Automated scheduling software

Create your templates, then let Agendrix assign work shifts.

Create typical schedule templates

Use Agendrix’s scheduling tool to create a work schedule, specifying which employees will work when and for how many hours.

Easily reuse your schedule templates

Turn your schedules into easily reusable templates to suit your weekly needs.

Automatically assign missing shifts

Whenever an employee is unavailable for a shift, Agendrix suggests the most suitable replacements based on the position and time of the shift.

Auto scheduling

Manage unassigned shifts automatically.

Save time, prevent errors, and keep overtime under control.

Save time with automation

Assigning shifts manually can be tedious. Instead, delegate this task to Agendrix, who will find the perfect way to meet your scheduling needs.

Put an end to scheduling errors

With Agendrix as your assistant, no more mistakes. Better respect scheduling constraints such as vacations, availability, and employee positions.

Reduce your costs by optimizing hours

Agendrix assigns shifts in priority to employees who are not working overtime to avoid unnecessary expenses.

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Your questions answered.

Is it an AI-based scheduling system?

No, Agendrix does not use artificial intelligence to generate schedules.

Why not?

When we compared our schedule automation system with that of other software, we couldn’t find any obvious advantage in those who claim to use AI.

Our internal tests also revealed that, in addition to slowing down our operations, the use of AI rarely translated into better results (i.e. more consistent schedules) than our current solution.

We’re always on the lookout for new advances that could make AI more effective, but for the moment, we’re satisfied with our solution.

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