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Here at Agendrix, our goal is to create the employee management software with the best customer experience.

What We Believe In.

An Exceptional Customer Experience

The Agendrix experience seeks to be positive and unforgettable. Our client success team is entirely dedicated to supporting you in your day-to-day use of Agendrix, 7 days a week. Whether by chat, email, or videoconference, we’ll be here for you. We also offer free training to your teams, regardless of the size of your company.

Our help center features hundreds of articles for all the self-learners out there.

A Fair Approach

Our largest client represents less than 3.5% of our total revenue. Our company’s success does not depend on a handful of big players, allowing us to provide everyone with the same great, consistent, and fair service. Our pricing structure was built with SMBs in mind; forget bad surprises and haggling endlessly. The offer you see is the offer you get, as simple as that.

Discover why our clients love it on our testimonials page.

A Simple, Fast, and
Safe Product

Quality trumps quantity. We must sometimes turn down requests to better focus where we know we’re simply unmatched. User-friendliness, efficiency, and security are the pillars of everything we create.

Learn more about the security measures we take and how we’re committed to always supporting you should issues arise.

An Attentive Ear
to Your Ideas

Without your feedback and support since 2015, Agendrix just wouldn’t be the company it is today. This is why our team remains ever attentive to your feedback. Listening to our users is core to our internal culture, and it is thanks to your observations that we get to improve our software with every new update.

Set up an appointment with one of our specialists, and we’ll be happy to take the time to discuss with you.

A Right to Quit Agendrix Easily

Whether by lack of use, to migrate to a new solution, or for any other reason, you can opt to quit Agendrix at any time. Our team is there to help you export your data, and we’ll let you cancel your subscription at the moment of your choosing. You’ll always be welcome to use Agendrix again in the future.

Our guide explains how you can easily unsubscribe from Agendrix.

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