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Employee Premium Management

Employee Premium Tracking, Now Made Easy

Agendrix keeps track of premiums to pay out to each one of your employees based on the criteria of your choosing. The information is automatically computed and sent to their respective timesheets.

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Make Managing Premiums Simple.

Keep track of employee premiums to pay out, day after day.

Computer software for Schedule Premium Automation Software with timesheet and employee information

Schedule Premium Automation Software

Automatic Is Convenient.

Create different premium types and specify their eligibility criteria. These premiums are then allocated to the employees who meet the criteria, and everything is recorded for you. The report thus generated can then be exported to your payroll system in seconds.

App interface for the premiums created in Agendrix that can be paid out based on different criteria

Evening, Night, and Weekend Shift Premiums

A Premium for
Every Situation.

The premiums created in Agendrix can be paid out based on different criteria to meet various needs. Determine the applicable hours, shifts, and days, as well as the positions and employees concerned.

  • Evenings
  • Nights
  • Weekends
  • Flat rate
  • Remote work
  • Training
  • Leaves
  • Holidays
  • Performance
  • Bonuses
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Online Premium Management

Handle Payroll
With Flexibility.

Spontaneous premiums let you give a bonus for the reason of your choosing. Perfect for handling individual rewards with ease.

  • Position-specific
  • Work shift-based
  • Work hours-based
  • Individually

Keep track of
work hours accurately.

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