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Bar Code Time Clock for Employee Attendance and Time Tracking.

Agendrix lets your employees record their clock-in, clock-out, and break times using their barcode card or tag. The information is then automatically recorded in their online timesheets.

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Connect Your Barcode Scanner
and You’re Good to Go.

Turn the tablet or computer of your choosing into a barcode punch clock by connecting the appropriate scanner, or simply use our turnkey tracking solutions. The work hours clocked by your employees will then be recorded into their timesheets automatically.

Reduce Absenteeism
and Lateness

Thanks to the ever accessible online schedule and the attendance reminders you can set up, your employees know exactly when to show up to work. Agendrix can even help you find substitutes faster.

Attendance Solution

Using employee badges to both access the premises and clock-in/clock-out is a convenient way of creating an attendance system at no extra effort—for you or your employees.

Speed Up Payroll

With timesheets that automatically record the starting, break, and finishing times clocked by your employees, gone are the days of manual data entry. Then, export them to your favorite payroll system in a click.

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Barcode Time Clock Software

Easy Meets Convenient.

Our barcode clock works with any barcode technology connected to the terminal of your choosing. To adopt this new punch clock, get information, or see recommended suppliers, contact our customer support team.

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