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Agendrix on Mobile: Use Shift Templates & Create Time Offs

Michaël Thibault
Last updated on 22 Dec. 2023
Published on 14 Apr. 2023

Introducing two new management features to the mobile scheduler, shift templates and time offs.

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Dear managers. A new update is now available for the mobile version of Agendrix. You can download it by going to the App Store for iPhone / iPad or Google Play for Android.

Here’s an overview of today’s most important improvements, which aim to improve the new mobile management features introduced back in November.

Shift Templates: To Create Work Shifts Even Faster

It is now possible to create work shifts in the mobile application using templates created in the web version of Agendrix.

Quick reminder: shift templates record the information specified for a given work shift—start and end time, positions, breaks, premiums, etc.—which then lets you quickly create new work shifts that share these details.

The main point of using templates is to be more efficient when creating multiple work shifts that are very similar. Templates are currently so popular in the web version of Agendrix that we had no choice but to incorporate them into our mobile application as well.

Time Off Creation, Now at Your Fingertips

It is now possible to create and publish time offs right in the mobile app.

By their nature, time off requests are often submitted at a time where the manager does not have access to their work computer.

Picture this: an employee calls you to request some emergency time off the next day while you’re out on business. You let them know that they can take the day off and make a note to find a substitute for their work shift. However, something prevents you from getting back to the office. The time off request falls through the cracks, and you know exactly how the story ends.

By allowing managers to create time offs with the mobile app, we wanted to let them respond quickly to such requests to prevent these kinds of oversights.

Have You Tried Our Mobile App Yet?

The mobile version of Agendrix is completely free for managers and employees who are part of subscribed organizations.

Employees who use it particularly enjoy being able to access their work schedule at any time. Managers too can benefit; workers are less likely to be late or outright miss shifts, communicating is faster, and so on. In short, what are you waiting for?

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