Boost your operations and HR management with Agendrix Plus.

Centralize your HR documents and have them signed electronically. Get feedback through internal surveys. Easily update employee information.

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HR documents and electronic signatures

Eliminate paperwork by managing your documents on Agendrix.

Receive, send, and file documents

Store HR documents and easily share them with your team online with Agendrix.

Create and use document templates

Create document templates that can then be easily reused for multiple employees.

Get documents signed electronically

Securely request and obtain employee signatures for the documents of your choice.

HR data

Generate HR reports.

Record HR data about your employees and generate reports (turnover rates, seniority, hirings and departures, etc.) from them to help you better manage your business.


Easily create internal surveys.

Create your own surveys or use our templates to gather useful information from your team. You can also use the anonymity option to obtain more candid responses.

AI summaries then turn the feedback of your employees into a list of actionable items.

Customized roles

Create your own roles and set permissions.

Create and assign custom roles

Create new roles and assign them to the users of your choice to gain more control over access rights.

Advanced permissions management

Gain more granular control over the access rights granted to the custom roles you create within your organization.

Connect your systems with our API.

Let your systems communicate with Agendrix to add or retrieve data. Our Development Portal has everything your software development team needs.


Advanced open shift management

Allow employees to apply for shifts that conflict with their schedule.

Strengthened password rules

Strengthen the passwords of your team by specifying their length, complexity, and duration.

Schedule filtering using HR data

Filter the schedule based on the HR information you add to the files of your employees.

Automatic breaks

Automatically add breaks to shifts that meet your requirements: duration, position, location, etc.

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