Geolocalisation icon plus timer icon representing our Mobile Employee Time Clock App

Mobile Employee Time Clock App

Mobile Employee Time Clock App

Agendrix lets your employees clock in and out using their own smartphone from within the area you define. The information is then saved automatically in their online timesheets.

Turn Mobile Phones into
Mobile Clocks.

Get your employees to track their work hours on their own smartphone. Perfect for mobile employees, the app records clock-in, clock-out, and break times directly into your timesheets no matter where. And forget about rewriting work hours manually; verifying and exporting to payroll is now easy.

Illuistration of a cell with 2 checkmark and a geolocalisation logo representing our GPS Time Clock App

GPS Time Clock App

Control Meets Versatile.

Take advantage of smartphones’ geolocation features to tighten your control. Create areas within which to clock in and out. You can also simply let your employees clock in from anywhere. You can always check back later to see exactly where they were, as needed.

Illustration of 2 cellphones with Agendrix logo next to Apple Store and Google Play store logo.

iPhone and Android Mobile Time Clock

Yet Inexpensive.

Time to ditch the yellowing paper time cards. Agendrix is easy to set up on your employees’ smartphones.

Keep track of
work hours accurately.

Up to 21 days of free trial. Easy setup. Cancel anytime.