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The Siboire brings together three microbreweries located in Sherbrooke and in Montreal that provide beer lovers with a large range of products brewed on-site, coupled with great food!

The Siboires’ staffing requirements vary constantly based on the time, day, and season. The business appeals to part-time employees, many of whom are still in school.

Before / After (time per week)

Create schedule
Modify schedule
Send schedule
The old way
3 hours
2 hours
30 minutes
5 h 30
With Agendrix
2 hours
30 minutes
2 h 30

Important Challenges

Before Agendrix, Marilyn simply planned her schedules on Excel. The employees would make requests in person, on paper, by email, or by text messages. Since many of the employees work variable hours, these requests are to be expected, but were rather difficult to manage. No clear procedure had really been established. This meant that creating the schedules could take up to three hours per week.

Naturally, taking availability and constraints into consideration is important, especially for students. But when this information is all over the place or scribbled on a stained napkin, managing gets annoying. Marilyn had to invest two more hours into an otherwise “complete” schedule to make all the changes requested by her employees.

A Failure to Communicate

Every new schedule was emailed out to the employees. A printed copy was also hung in the bar. Whenever Marilyn made changes to the schedule, she also had to resend and reprint it. To ensure the concerned employees were kept in the loop, she would take some time to call each one of them.

Employees would send us their requests in a host of different ways, meaning we’d often forget things, which made things pretty complex.

Not unexpectedly, Marilyn didn’t always manage to contact everyone. Out of options, she could simply hope that the new schedule had been received in time. On top of being long and repetitive, this work flow didn’t always yield the desired results.

Practical Management

Now that employee requests are entirely centralized in Agendrix, the schedules take less than two hours per week to create. Marilyn no longer has to hunt for information all over the place. She still has to change the schedule over the course of the week, but this process takes her no more than 30 minutes.

Cohesive Communication

The leave and shift transfer requests submitted by the employees from the app trigger a push notification. Marilyn then simply has to press this notification to see the information, the employees concerned, the dates, the comments, etc. If she approves the request, the schedule updates itself automatically based on the information, and the employees are sent a push notification as well. Lost emails and missed calls are a thing of the past at the Siboire.

Since everything is now centralized in one place, our employees always use Agendrix to communicate with us. It’s really convenient.

Now, a single up-to-date version of the schedule is always available online. Most of the employees installed the Agendrix app on their mobile phone to always have access to their schedule and submit requests. The other employees simply use a computer to do so. Marilyn no longer has to print out the schedule.

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