A New Management Solution for an Old Quebec Inn

Auberge Saint-Antoine
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Nestled between Old Quebec and the St. Lawrence River, the Auberge Saint-Antoine has been welcoming eager visitors for more than 30 years.

The recommendation to implement Agendrix came from Roxane Reynaud, the Inn’s financial controller. Quickly realizing that the Inn had similar needs to her previous workplace – where she had already used the software – the suggestion was a logical one. Today, Agendrix is used to manage the schedules and timesheets of the hotel museum and its restaurant’s 135 employees.

Excel schedules: a waste of time and energy

Initially, the inn’s schedules were managed using Excel. The schedules were created manually and emailed to supervisors, who then printed them out for distribution to employees. Time off and vacation requests, as well as schedule changes, were also communicated via text message and email.

“The hours worked were entered one by one into the payroll software, since the restaurant’s time and attendance software was not connected to the payroll software. We had to adjust everything person by person, so it was a real mammoth task.”

– Roxane Reynaud, Financial Controller

Rethinking schedule management

The introduction of the Agendrix app facilitated the creation of schedules, which is now done directly on the application. The employees simply send their requests via Agendrix, and their managers approve them directly on the platform, which then informs the people concerned.

For Roxane, it’s an efficient solution for managing a large number of employees. The employees can log on to Agendrix at any time from a computer or the mobile app to access the most up-to-date version of their schedule. Working hours are recorded by the app when clocking in and out, and then easily transferred to the payroll software, via an integration. Hours are rounded automatically by the software.

Before / After (time per week)

Create schedule
The old way
1 h 30
20 hours
21 h 30
With Agendrix
30 mins
10 hours
10 h 30

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