Défi-Évasion Solves Its Management Problems

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Véronique Girard, the founder of Défi-Évasion, had the ambition of inviting her customers to take part in scenarios and solve enigmas in unique settings. Mission accomplished; her company, now well-established in Quebec City and Montreal, has some 50 employees. We’ve come a long way from the small four-person team of five years ago.

Défi-Évasion sets itself apart from other players with its mobile escape game; the company can deliver the experience directly to your office party or other event.

As owner, Véronique is responsible for day-to-day follow-ups and management, operations management, starting up new projects and ensuring that budgets are respected.

The Scheduling Challenge

With only four employees to manage at the outset, Véronique was able to get by with Excel. She had built up a small file enabling her to create her schedules quite simply. Calling employees or texting them was no problem for her either. This was how she kept them informed of bookings and requirements. She also knew which of her employees needed reminders the most. It was when she hired her seventh employee that Véronique promised herself she’d find a better way.

Cumbersome Timesheets

When her employees started and finished their shifts, they didn’t have to punch in; Véronique simply relied on the day’s opening and closing times. It was all about trust, as she put it. Trust or not, she always had to be on the lookout for mistakes.

Fluid Communication

Communication has undergone a metamorphosis with the arrival of the Agendrix application. All exchanges about work schedules are now managed directly in the app. It’s also where availability and shift exchanges take place.

For Véronique, it’s a perfect solution for better managing her many part-time employees. Employees are happy to be responsive; as the application is available on their cell phones, which they almost always have with them, exchanges take place almost instantaneously. They win when it comes to making requests, and managers greatly appreciate the efficiency.

In a context of staff shortages, it’s important to take our employees’ needs into account. They like it when we’re responsive!

So long, gray areas

Véronique appreciates the clarity that Agendrix brings: precisely, she is able to allocate clear work positions for her employees (side A, side B, reception, etc.). So they know in advance what their day will look like from the outset. For her part, Véronique is reassured to know that her team always knows exactly where they need to be.

Véronique’s team quickly became familiar with the application. Employees use several features in their daily work, including comments to report equipment breakdowns. When Véronique or her team members have questions, the Agendrix support team is easy to reach quickly via chat. This is an important element for the boss: she knows that her employees always have the support they need.

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