What Is a 360° Survey?

A 360° survey is a type of survey that requires collecting the opinion of a multitude of stakeholders (employees, managers, suppliers, customers, etc.) about an employee’s performance.

Why Do a 360 Survey?

A 360 feedback survey allows employees to better understand how their work performance affects their collaborators. It also provides detailed information about the strengths and weaknesses of employees so that they can improve.

360 surveys are useful for organizations that want to help their employees develop their skills and attitudes. They can also be relevant in order to achieve performance and collaboration objectives or to establish a culture change within a company.

What Questions to Ask in a 360 Feedback Survey?

Examples of questions to ask in a 360 survey include:

  • What are the strengths of the employee?
  • What are the weaknesses of the employee?
  • Is the employee usually able to complete their tasks within the prescribed time?
  • Does the employee seem motivated at work?
  • Does the employee know the objectives of the company?
  • Does the employee share the values of the company?
  • Is the employee able to make decisions unilaterally?
  • Does the employee have a sense of initiative?
  • Does the employee demonstrate leadership in their work?
  • Does the employee treat co-workers with respect?
  • Does the employee regularly help co-workers?
  • Is the employee proactive in finding solutions when problems arise?

How to Prepare a 360° Survey?

To prepare a 360° feedback survey, managers must first create a questionnaire. 360° survey questions typically include open-ended questions as well as scaled questions.

Then, the questionnaire must be sent to employees, ensuring that the confidentiality of their answers will be preserved. To do this, managers can use online tools. It is important to clearly explain to participants how the survey works in order to ensure that their answers truly reflect their view.

Once the surveys have been completed, managers must analyze and compare the responses and draw conclusions. The results and conclusions are finally discussed with the employee in question during a face-to-face meeting.

What Tool Allows You to Do a 360 Survey?

In order to conduct a 360 survey, companies can use software or websites specially designed for this purpose.

Any survey tool that allows users to provide anonymous responses can also be used to conduct a 360 survey.

What Are the Benefits of a 360 Survey?

Benefits of doing a 360 feedback survey include:

  • Provide a more complete perspective on an employee’s performance and contribution.
  • Identify blind spots related to an employee’s soft skills and know-how.
  • Develop better collaboration between employees.
  • Make employees accountable for their performance.
  • Identify opportunities for advancement and career development for employees.
  • Gather the point of view of different stakeholders.

What Are the Disadvantages of a 360 Survey?

Disadvantages of doing a 360 survey include:

  • Some opinions collected may be biased or distorted by a lack of information.
  • This type of survey can create tension between employees.
  • Conducting a 360 survey takes a lot of time and resources.

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