Get on board with cutting-edge software designed specifically to manage your employees’ work schedules. Streamline the process of communicating schedules and increase the speed that the information flows among your staff.

Easy to use, Agendrix can adapt itself to your needs and your business as well as save time by optimizing how you manage employee schedules.


In a pharmacy, you have much more important tasks to do than managing work schedules and timesheets of your employees.

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Agendrix helps hundreds of restaurants, bars, coffee shops and cafeterias better manage their employee work schedules.

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Events and entertainment

Agendrix helps lots of events and entertainment companies better manage their employee work schedules and time entries.

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Making work schedules and tracking time for cashiers, clerks and other employees in a retail store involve many challenges.

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Electricians and plumbers

As a schedule manager of field service business, you must manage employees who are constantly on the move working on different job sites.

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As a scheduler manager of a care facility, you have to deal with employees working on multiple locations, availability constraints, variable shifts and much more.

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Managing schedules and equipment on different job sites can be a huge challenge. Agendrix helps you quickly react to unexpected events.

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Pubs and bars

Agendrix helps hundreds of pubs, bars, microbreweries and nightclubs better manage their employee work schedules.

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Managing seasonal employees includes a lot of challenges. You must juggle with variable schedules as well as availability and unavailability for each of your employees.

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