What Is Generation X?

The Gen X group includes people born in the late 1960s and early 1980s.

What Year Were the Members of Gen X Born?

Members of Generation X were born between 1965 and 1980. Years may vary slightly from one expert to another. It’s sometimes called the MTV generation, or the forgotten generation.

Gen X was born after the baby boomers, but before Generation Y, more commonly known as the millennials.

What Are the Main Characteristics of Generation X?

The main characteristics of Gen X include:

  • They are autonomous and independent
  • They prioritize work-life balance
  • They have major financial responsibilities
  • They are comfortable with technology
  • They want to collaborate face-to-face rather than remotely
  • They are entrepreneurs

How Does Gen X Behave at Work?

At work, Gen-Xers are perceived as having a good work-life balance. They generally prefer to work in the office rather than tetelework.

They are comfortable with technology, but not dependent on it. They can get by just fine without the Internet or cell phones, and sometimes prefer to work without technology. For example, Generation Xers prefer to use a paper diary to organize appointments and make to-do lists, rather than logging everything on their cell phones.

They are independent and have an entrepreneurial spirit, even within an organization. They are highly productive and typically have a great deal of practical experience and specialized knowledge. They are loyal to their employer.

What Are the Strengths of Generation X Employees?

The strengths of Generation X employees include:

What Skills Are Common Among Gen X Members?

Common skills of Gen Xers include:

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Adaptability
  • Autonomy

What Are the Different Generations?

Generations since the early 1900s include:

  • The Great Generation: 1900-1930
  • The Silent Generation: 1930-1945
  • The Baby Boomers: 1945-1965
  • Generation X: 1965-1980
  • Generation Y or Millennials: 1980-1996
  • Generation Z: 1995-2012
  • Generation Alpha: 2012-2025

What’s the Difference Between Generation X and Millennials?

The biggest difference between Generation X and millennials is their dependence on technology. Gen Xers are comfortable with technology, but know how to get by without it. Millennials tend to be technology-dependent.

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