What Is Absconding?

Absconding refers to a situation where an employee does not report to work for several days in a row without informing their manager, HR representatives, or anyone in the organization.

What Factors Cause Absconding?

The factors leading to absconding in a company include:

  • Tension between teammates
  • Conflicts with the management team
  • A toxic work culture
  • False promises from the employer
  • Mental health issues
  • Lack of respect
  • Poor salary
  • Unfair treatment
  • Unsafe work environment
  • Unethical work ethic

How to Tell When Employees Are Thinking About Absconding?

The signs that tell when employees are thinking about absconding typically include:

  • Odd behaviors
  • Recurring unjustified absences
  • Suspicious behaviors
  • Recurring complaints

How to Report an Employee Who Is Absconding?

HR professionals or managers can report an employee who is absconding by:

  • Calling, texting, or emailing the employee
  • Getting in touch with their emergency contact
  • Sending a legal notice to the residence of the employee
  • Hiring a lawyer to file a lawsuit

What Are the Reasons for Absconding?

Reasons for absconding typically include:

  • Employee dissatisfaction
  • Spontaneous decision
  • Personal problems
  • Sickness
  • Mental stress
  • Toxic workplace
  • Toxic relationships with managers or colleagues
  • Conflict at work
  • Disparity
  • False promises


How to Prevent Absconding?

To prevent absconding in a workplace, employers can:

What Disciplinary Measures Can Employers Take Against Absconding?

Typically, absconding leads to the dismissal of an employee. Employers can decide to put different disciplinary measures in place depending on their attendance policy.

Is Absconding a Felony?

Absconding from work is not a felony although it can have severe impacts on the reputation of an employee.

What Is the Difference Between Absconding, Resignation and Dismissal?

Absconding is an informal way of leaving a company without notice.

Resignation refers to when an employee decides to leave an organization by giving an official notice, typically 2 weeks.

Dismissal, or termination, is when an employer decides to terminate the contract of an employee for different reasons.

Absconding, resignation, and dismissal are all related to the leave of an employee.

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