What Is an Attendance Policy?

An attendance policy is a document explaining what is expected from employees on issues such as tardiness, no-shows, early outs, and no-call-no-shows.

How to Write an Attendance Policy?

An attendance policy prevents absenteeism in the workplace, sets standards for time management, and improves employee productivity.

An attendance policy should include:

  • Clear expectations about attendance: definition of tardiness, no-shows, sick days, etc.;
  • A reliable time tracking method;
  • Disciplinary procedures.

The attendance policy should be read and understood by every member of an organization.

What Is the Purpose of an Attendance Policy?

An attendance policy is a documented set of rules regarding issues such as absenteeism, early outs, and no-call-no-shows.

Benefits of adopting an attendance policy include:

  • Setting clear expectations;
  • Maintaining fairness in the workplace;
  • Defining realistic disciplinary actions.

How to Solve Attendance Issues?

To solve attendance issues, managers can:

  • Set clear expectations from the beginning;
  • Track and analyze attendance records;
  • Establish an effective attendance policy;
  • Make consequences clear and consistent;
  • Follow up with employees.

How to Monitor Employee Attendance?

Time tracking apps are often used to monitor employee attendance. Such software can track employee work hours (arrival, departures, and breaks) among other relevant attendance information.

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