What Is an Employee Time Clock App?

An employee time clock app is a tool used by companies to keep track of the worked hours of their employees (arrival time, departure time, and breaks).

Why Use an Employee Time Clock App?

Employee time clock apps help prevent time theft and reduce absenteeism. They also facilitate payroll management.

Other benefits of using an employee time clock app include:

  • Preventing buddy punching;
  • Reducing payroll-related mistakes;
  • Keeping track of employee attendance;
  • Increasing worked hours accuracy;
  • Boosting productivity.

What Functionalities Do Time Clock Apps Commonly Share?

The functionalities commonly shared by time clock apps include:

Which Devices Can Be Used With Employee Time Clock Apps?

Employee time clock apps can normally be used on mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

Mobile phone apps are a common solution to track the work time of field workers who regularly go to different job sites. Most employee time clock apps include a geofencing feature to make sure that employees are at the right place at the right moment.

Tablets and computers can be turned into on-premises punch clock when installed in a common room where they may be accessed by employees. Certain employee time clock apps also include a photo punch feature that may use the built-in camera of tablets.

This can also be done with a number of commonly used bar code systems to link physical access to a premise and clock-in/clock-out. This type of integrated system is typically known as a bar code time clock.

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