What Is an Employee Background Check?

An employee background check, sometimes known as pre-employment screening, refers to an investigation conducted by a company to check information about an employee such as their criminal record, experience, or identity.

Why Check an Employee’s Background?

Employee background checks allow businesses to check that a candidate can really fulfil the demands of a job.

Background checks help employers check the truth of information provided by a candidate, learn more about them, and protect the company.

Is It Legal for an Employer to Perform an Employee Background Check?

It is legal for an employer to perform an employee background check. They must comply with applicable laws concerning candidates’ privacy. They must also have valid reasons and obtain the consent of the people involved.

Employers must usually state that a candidate may be subject to a background check in the job posting.

When Can an Employer Perform an Employee Background Check?

An employer can perform a background check once a conditional job offer has been accepted by a candidate. The candidate must then consent to the types of checks the employer wishes to perform.

What Are the Most Common Types of Employee Background Checks?

The most common types of employee background checks include:

  • Academic background check
  • Verification of previous work experience
  • Criminal record check
  • Credit check
  • Checking of references
  • Checking of social networks

Which Industries Require Employee Background Checks?

Industries that require employee background checks include:

  • Governments
  • Insurance
  • Security
  • Finance
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Taxis

What Is the Difference Between a Background Check and Checking References?

Background checks confirm the truth of information provided by a candidate regardless of the type of information provided.

Checking references is the validation of information provided by a candidate by contacting their former employees or colleagues.

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