What Is the Definition
of Resignation?

A resignation is a voluntary termination of the employment contract at the initiative of an employee.

How Can an Employee Announce Their Resignation?

An employee can announce their resignation in two ways. They can resign by handing in a resignation letter to their employer so as to keep a written proof of their action. They can also announce their departure verbally. However, resigning orally does not provide an official record.

When the time comes to announce a resignation, employees must use a neutral, respectful, and courteous tone.

Is It Mandatory to Give Notice of Resignation?

In Canada, employees are not required to give notice of resignation. It is a widespread practice to demonstrate professionalism, however.

In France, notice of resignation is not mandatory, unless it is written into the labor agreement or into the law for certain professions. However, tradition encourages employees to give notice, sometimes up to three months in advance.

What Should a Letter of Resignation Contain?

A resignation letter typically contains the following information:

  • The name of the employee
  • The name of the company
  • The date
  • The resignation notice
  • The last day to be worked
  • The reasons for the departure
  • Salutations
  • The signature of the employee

For What Reasons Do Employees Hand in Their Resignation?

Several reasons can lead employees to hand in their resignation, such as:

What Is the Difference Between Resignation, Furlough, Layoff, and Dismissal?

A resignation is a voluntary action on the part of an employee to signify their permanent departure from a job.

A furlough temporarily suspends the work contract between an employer and employee for economic, organizational, or technical reasons. The person may therefore be called back to work and the employment relationship is maintained.

A layoff permanently ends the contract between an employee and their employer at the initiative of the employer for economic, organizational, or technical reasons.

A dismissal occurs when an employer terminates an employee’s employment contract for disciplinary reasons or reasons related to ability to perform duties.

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