Online Employee Scheduling and Time Clock Software for Non-Profit Organizations

Making work schedules and tracking time for volunteers are challenging tasks. You must be able to quickly change volunteers’ schedules when necessary, notify them immediately, deal with their availability constraints, juggle requests for shift transfers between members of your organization, and proactively send them many messages. Agendrix helps you save time with scheduling and reduces labor costs in your timesheets.

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Online Employee Scheduling and Time Clock Software for Non-Profit Organizations

Save Time

Agendrix is a volunteer scheduling software that is designed to help managers better organize their scheduling by keeping track of complex elements such as which volunteers are available, what floors and departments they work in, and where they are working if multiple locations are involved.

Reduce Volunteer Turnover

Plan your volunteers with a schedule planner which shows their availability, when they are unable to work, or when they need time off. Avoid accidentally scheduling a shift for someone when they are unavailable or on leave. Volunteers appreciate it and are more committed to their work when they feel that their needs are being taken care of.

Consolidate Communications

Streamline communication with volunteers by adopting Agendrix as a single standardized system of communication. Whether a new product is launched or a new policy put in place, make sure your organization’s members are notified instantly. You also check whether your messages have been received by their intended recipient and even request a read confirmation.

Increase Member Satisfaction

Improve member engagement through the Agendrix apps for iOS and Android. These apps make two-way communication about work and scheduling easy, transparent, organized, and much clearer. Improving communications goes a long way in improving member satisfaction.

What our customers have to say

We have 50 on-call employees and ever-changing schedules based on our clients’ requests. We used to spend 25 hours managing our complex schedules weekly. Agendrix has allowed us to reduce this to less than 10 hours… it’s really magical!

Mathieu Roy
Clinic Coordinator - Vallée-Jeunesse

Oh yes, Agendrix made quite a difference… I cut the time it once took me to manage our schedules in half… I’m particularly happy to no longer have to spend my Saturday mornings making schedules on Excel, as I have for over a year. For this alone, Agendrix is worth its weight in gold!

Annie Castonguay
Clinic Coordinator - Vallée-Jeunesse

As the coordinator of a non-profit agency I thought Excel was the only option for scheduling. Then browsing FB one night, I stumbled on the post from Agendrix. I signed up for the trial period and my life has not been the same since. I absolutely love that this product is Canadian and so user-friendly. Adding clients and employees could not have been easier, and adding the schedule was also a breeze. One of the best parts is that the product is always improving. They take the recommendations of their clients seriously. This product has reduced the time it takes to schedule replacements for vacations, appointments, etc., as it lists the employees who are available during that time slot and shows whether the employee is in an overtime position, which has the potential of reducing labor costs as well. Agendrix has replaced 5 spreadsheets at my workplace. I highly recommend this product for any business that requires scheduling as it is very user-friendly, will make scheduling and the office more efficient, and will reduce time spent compiling reports. Just when I thought this app couldn’t get any better they release the recurrence feature! Mind blown! Thank you again for making my work life better!

Candace Richardson
Manager at Chipman Outreach Inc.

As the volunteer coordinator in a non-profit (, I’ve been using this great software for over a year. Agendrix’s staff is always polite. Great tool, if only for its ability to display a database that includes resource profiles, various exportable lists, and a schedule coordinator. Just wonderful!

What Agendrix Can Do for Non-Profit Organizations

Agendrix helps plenty of non-profit organizations better manage their volunteers’ work schedules. Instantly notify your members when a new schedule is published. Your volunteers can access the most up-to-date version of their schedule anywhere as well as see the status of their requests for time off, shift transfers, and changes in availability.

Keep track of your members’ scheduling limitations, availability, and leave and shift change requests directly in the app. Your time is better spent helping your peers than managing schedules.