What Is a Social Audit?

A social audit is a document containing comprehensive figures on the employment situation at a company, with the goal of having an overall portrait of its social health over the last three years.

What Should a Company’s Social Audit Contain?

A company’s social audit sets out all the information required to draw up a portrait of employment, such as:

  • The pay of each employee
  • The working conditions that the company offers
  • The health and safety measures it applies
  • The professional training offered and taken by team members
  • The state of labor relations
  • The living conditions of employees at the company
  • Staff numbers
  • Staff statuses
  • The state of professional equality

Information in the social audit is grouped into 7 themes:

  1. Employment
  2. Pay and other expenses
  3. Occupational health and safety
  4. Other working conditions
  5. Training
  6. Professional relationships
  7. Other living conditions that come under the responsibility of the company

This information offers important HR indicators and can be brought together in an HR dashboard.

How Do You Conduct a Social Audit at a Company?

Generally speaking, the human resources department will be in charge of carrying out a company’s social audit. The team should gather all necessary information and send the audits to the management for any necessary changes.

The audit is then sent along to the company’s employees and shareholders.

To facilitate audit drafting, HR managers can use a human resources management information system (HRIS) or an HR dashboard.

How Is a Social Audit Used?

The social audit gives a better overview of a company’s situation. Companies can pinpoint weaknesses, strengths and areas for improvement that can then be addressed through actions in the medium and long terms.

The audit is a useful HR communication tool for sparking a dialogue with employees or demonstrating the company’s financial and social health.

Why Do a Social Audit?

In addition to the fact that it is mandatory for certain companies, the social audit also provides a better overview of the social conditions of employees and the changes that have been made over the past three years.

The audit is an interesting tool for companies looking to improve their practices and work on their brand image, for example.

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