What Is a Rejection Letter?

A rejection letter is a document sent by an employer to inform job candidates that they were not selected to move forward in the hiring process.

How to Write a Rejection Letter?

Rejection letters are a cordial but professional way to address job candidates in the event of a negative response to their application. Such letters should be written in an honest, positive, and clear way.

Rejection letters should be kept short yet personalized to fit the context of each candidate.

Rejection letters should include:

  1. Word of thanks for the candidate;
  2. Reasons of the rejection;
  3. Constructive feedback (if applicable);
  4. Regards.

Why Are Rejection Letters Important?

Producing rejection letters is a form of best hiring practice to show appreciation to candidates who go through the hiring process but are not ultimately selected. Such letters contribute positively to the reputation of a company.

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