HR Glossary / Recruitment Process

Recruitment is a process that includes the different actions taken by an organization in order to hire a qualified employee for a work position.

What Are the Steps of the Recruitment Process?

  1. Identifying the position to fill: analyzing the hiring needs and conditions;
  2. Defining and describing job criteria: education, qualifications, experience, professional and personal skills, etc.;
  3. Choosing the recruitment method: internal, meaning moving or promoting an existing employee, or external, meaning searching outside the organization for a new hire;
  4. Advertising the job offer online, on an intranet, on social media, etc.;
  5. Gathering and reviewing candidate profiles based on the job criteria;
  6. Selecting and summoning candidates for an interview;
  7. Going through the evaluation process: phone interview, in-house interview, personality test, proficiency tests, etc.
  8. Choosing the right candidate to fill the position;
  9. Announcing the decision to the selected candidate and producing the work contract.

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