What Is the Definition of Recruitment Process?

Recruitment is a process that includes the different actions taken by an organization in order to hire a qualified employee for a work position.

What Are the Steps of the Recruitment Process?

  1. Identifying the position to fill: analyzing the hiring needs and conditions;
  2. Defining and describing job criteria: education, qualifications, experience, professional and personal skills, etc.;
  3. Choosing the recruitment method: internal, meaning moving or promoting an existing employee, or external, meaning searching outside the organization for a new hire;
  4. Advertising the job offer online, on an intranet, on social media, etc.;
  5. Gathering and reviewing candidate profiles based on the job criteria;
  6. Selecting and summoning candidates for an interview;
  7. Going through the evaluation process: phone interview, in-house interview, personality test, proficiency tests, etc.
  8. Choosing the right candidate to fill the position;
  9. Announcing the decision to the selected candidate and producing the work contract.

What Makes a Good Recruitment Process?

An efficient recruitment process allows HR professionals to quickly find qualified candidates to fulfill a certain position through efficient planning and evaluating.

The recruitment process should be streamlined as to ensure that every stakeholder has the tools and resources required to go through every step of the process.

Many companies automate part of the recruitment process through the use of an applicant tracking system.

What Are the Benefits of a Good Recruitment Process?

Common benefits of a good recruitment process include:

  • Lowering hiring costs;
  • Improving the quality of hires;
  • Improving the employee retention rate;
  • Enhancing job satisfaction;
  • Saving time.

A well-planned and thoughtfully crafted recruitment process helps HR professionals to rapidly find candidates and build a large pool of qualified candidates for future hires.

A strong recruitment process also contributes positively to the employer brand by allowing the company to make a good impression on its candidates regardless of hiring outcome.

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